Environmental Impact

https://youtu.be/bCv6PuvnTfw) shows just how close it is to Westhill. There are a number of houses which are immediately next to it and the eastern side of Westhill is just 350m away. The fields behind the site, Brodiach burn, Brodiach road and adjacent properties are already subject to flooding and some areas of the proposed site are high flood risk. Building on the fields could reduce the capacity of the land to absorb and slow the flow of rainwater. This could increase the flood risk to the areas behind the stadium site. Burns run directly around the western and northern perimeters of the site and a large pond borders the site. Wet grassland immediately behind the site is an increasingly rare habitat for wildlife. Geese and Roe deer are regularly seen on the site. AFC have said ‘they could not guarantee’ that the stadium would not be used for concerts and other large events besides football matches. This will likely result in large amounts of noise and nuisance for local residents. The location, in a gentle valley surrounded by hills, is likely to mean that noise will carry for a significant distance. Floodlights for the stadium and training pitches will result in light pollution.]]>