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Aberdeenshire Deputy leader speaks out on Kingsford – defends concerns of Westhill residents.

You will be aware of our articles stating that in our view there was a long way to go before Phase 2 of the Kingsford development – the stadium – can even begin.  There are significant conditions to meet in regard to the transport, Controlled Parking Zone and the safe crossing over the A944.

Well it seems that Aberdeenshire Council corroborate this view.

In Friday’s Press and Journal there was a letter from the Aberdeenshire Councillor Peter Argyle.  Councillor Argyle is the Deputy Leader of Aberdeenshire Council and Chairman of the Infrastructure Services Committee.   Councillor Argyle was responding to a letter from a resident of Leggart Terrace, Aberdeen in the previous day’s paper which had been critical of the Shire Council’s planning process.

In his letter Councillor Argyle says “Aberdeenshire Council objected to the Kingsford Development application principally because of major questions over traffic, safe and efficient access to the site, and parking.  These may seem minor matters to a resident of Leggart Terrace but they are serious ones for the residents of Westhill, users of the AWPR and for the safety of the public”.  He went on to say “There is a great deal of work yet to be done to resolve these questions”.

It is reassuring for the residents of Westhill and Kingswells, who will be most affected by the Kingsford development, that the Shire Council are standing by their objections, and would appear to be intent on ensuring the conditions are fully met, in order to protect the local communities.

Copies of both letters are below….

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