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City planners support WAEPAL objection to Kingswell’s Drive-thru development

Aberdeen city planners have recommended refusal of the two drive-thru units and standalone restaurant unit on land adjacent to the Veterinary Hospital, Kingswells, Aberdeen. WAEPAL highlighted in our objection that the application was contrary to the development plan, that there was no proven deficiency in existing provision and that the location was inaccessible by appropriate transport provision.

The planners give the following reasons for their recommendation:

  1. The proposed development is contrary to Policy B2 (Specialist Employment Areas) of the LDP on account that it proposes a use which would have a significantly larger catchment area than the business park alone and it has not been demonstrated that it could satisfactorily provide support services to the business park by virtue of the lack of direct connections.
  2. The proposed development is considered to be contrary to Policy NC5 (Out-of-centre Proposals) of the LDP as it has not been demonstrated –

(i) that no other suitable site in a location that is acceptable in terms of Policy NC4 (Sequential Approach and Impact) is available or likely to become available in a reasonable time.

(ii) that in qualitative and quantitative terms there is a proven deficiency in provision of the kind of development that is proposed;

(iii) that there will be no adverse effect on the vitality or viability of other identified centres, (rather it is expected that there would be impacts on the vitality and viability of other centres); and

(iv) that the proposed development would be easily and safely accessible by a choice of means of transport using a network of walking, cycling and public transport routes which link with the catchment population, rather it is considered that the development would encourage trips by the private car.

  1. The proposed development is contrary to Policy LR1 (Land Release Policy) of the LDP as it is considered that it would jeopardise the delivery of mixed-use centres within the new communities at Countesswells and Newhills.

For the reasons set out above, the proposed development does not comply with the relevant provisions of the development plan. There are no material considerations which would justify granting planning permission against the development plan.

WAEPAL welcomes the recommendation of the ACC planners.  You can view more about the planning application using this link.




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