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AFC’s contractor’s flagrant disregard for planning law; Unauthorised development at Cairdhillock continues despite notice to stop.

despite being notified to cease work several times by Aberdeen City Council. An email from city planners to NKS on Friday 12th April states:

Based on the information available, and following enquiries made with the appointed agents for the AFC development on adjoining land at West Kingsford, we have concluded that these works are unauthorised and have taken steps accordingly.”
Why are we concerned by this? It is an indication that AFC and their contractors plan to play fast and loose with planning law.  This threatens the handling of the conditions attached to the development and the resulting negative impact on the community. All this week, dumpers have been continuing to move material from the Kingsford site and dumping it at Cairdhillock, raising the land.  There also appears to have been drainage works put in place through the creation of a make-shift sustainable drainage pit through excavation of the south side of the site. [gallery ids="4045,4042,4056,4054,4053,4052,4051,4050,4048,4047,4055"] This work has been carried out without planning consent.    The permissions relating to this site date back to 1998, however these require that any works to “reinstate” the land require a scheme of works to be lodged and agreed with the city council in advance.  To date, no such plan has been lodged. Aberdeen City Council has issued a Section 33A Notice compelling McIntosh Plant Hire to lodge a planning application by May 7thThe email from city planners to NKS on Friday 12th April continues:
A formal notice under section 33A of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act was this week issued to McIntosh Plant Hire, who we understand to be responsible for the works.  This requires that an application seeking planning permission for these works be made to Aberdeen City Council, as planning authority for the area.  That notice specifies that an application must be made by 7th May. Once an application is submitted, there will be an opportunity for representations to be made to the planning authority in the usual way.  Depending on the outcome of an application, the planning authority will be able to review whether any further action is required.”
[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video] Any application is now retrospective and the chances of ACC requiring that these works be reverted is unlikely.  There may well be a license from SEPA (we await written confirmation of this from SEPA) but this work continues unabated, without planning permission, and despite an order from ACC to cease. It is clear to the local population that AFC and their contractors have no intention of sticking to the rules and being “good neighbours” as Stewart Milne has claimed. Developers can’t simply ignore the planning process.  It is clear that AFC and their contractors intend to ride roughshod over planning law, and plough on regardless of Aberdeen City Council and the local community.  This again highlights the growing concerns across the community over how AFC are going to approach the conditions applied to the Kingsford site. Is “Better to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission” the way they intend to proceed?]]>

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