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Kingsford Dumping at Cardhillock is "unauthorised" confirm ACC

We have confirmation from the local authority (ACC) that no permission exists for this site and ACC advise that they have ‘requested that an application for planning permission is submitted for the works undertaken’. [video width="640" height="360" mp4="" loop="true"][/video]

The email from ACC attached an application which we requested sight of; reference 98/0576. This application, Halliday Fraser Munro are claiming covers this works. You will see that this application attaches the condition that all “infilling” must cease and discontinue on or before 1 October 2003. Therefore, this application which the developers are using substantiate to the current work is 16 years out of date.

Further communication with officers late this afternoon goes on to say:
“HFM subsequently stated that the current works are not ‘infilling’, but ‘restoration’ works as provided for by condition 2. Restoration works could conceivably be undertaken after the period stated in condition 1.  You will see that the terms of condition 2 require that any restoration scheme be agreed in writing prior to any development being undertaken, however HFM have thus far been unable to provide any evidence that a scheme of works submitted to, and agreed in writing by, the planning authority in relation to condition 2 at the appropriate time provides for the current works”
“As things stand, our position remains that the works at Cairdhillock are unauthorised development and HFM have been unable to provide evidence to the contrary. As I mentioned previously we have requested that an application is made for these works, however it may be necessary to issue a notice under section 33A to require this in the event that an application is not made voluntarily.”
This clearly demonstrates the need for the monitoring of this developers work and reiterates our concerns over the enforcement of the planning conditions. [embeddoc url="" download="none"]]]>

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