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Illegal works adjacent to Kingsford site.

NONE of these works have taken place with any planning consent and these works are outside the border of the approved site. AFC, are clearly unable to control this illegal activity. Is this how alleged “Good neighbours” behave? NKS has been given responses from Aberdeen City officers following complaints made about these works.

“Good Morning Thank you for your email. We have been made aware of these works already, and I visited the site myself on Friday to get a clear idea of the location. You are quite correct that this is outwith the application site boundary, and from what I observed it is clear that soils are being transported from the stadium site onto this adjacent land. We have now written to AFC’s appointed agents, Halliday Fraser Munro, to highlight that this appears to be unauthorised development. We await their response, but have asked that the deposit of materials on the land adjacent to the stadium site is ceased meantime whilst we establish the facts. Once we have received a response from HFM, we should be in a position to update further. Thanks and regards, XXXXXX Senior Planner Aberdeen City Council | Development Management | Strategic Place Planning | Place Marischal College | Ground Floor North | Broad Street | Aberdeen | AB10 1AB”
This is unacceptable.  AFC and their contractors cannot be trusted to act in a way that upholds the law.  And if they act in this manner regarding planning consent. how can they be trusted to deliver on their commitments in relation to the conditions for Phase 2 of the development.    ]]>

One thought on “Illegal works adjacent to Kingsford site.

  1. What does ceased immediately actually mean as they are still ongoing tipping from the stadium site
    As I drive past every day they have never stopped any of the work on the adjacent site

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