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NKS group vow to continue to ensure conditions are fully met and community is protected from unwanted stadium development.

any construction of the stadium. We appreciate this is perhaps a ‘difficult pill to swallow’.  We don’t want the stadium at all, but the facts are that the stadium is being allowed to progress, therefore we believe the best avenue for us to take now is to ensure that the conditions are rigorously enforced by Aberdeen City Council.  After all, the plans were approved with these conditions in place. The first of these conditions is for a transport management plan, which requires the agreement of Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Transport Scotland and Police Scotland. AFC must now come forward with evidence of the 600 parking spaces in Arnhall Business Park, spaces which the club presented as part of their transport arrangements in the planning application.  These spaces are integral to the Shuttle Bus Strategy presented by the Club. In their transport plan the club must present realistic proposals for the parking allocations at the stadium.  Current plans show only 250 pre-allocated spaces, all for corporate guests.  In the Loirston application 520 spaces were allocated for corporate guests and a further 170 spaces for players, staff, media etc.  The plan must also detail how the costs for the shuttle buses, which will be £100,000s per annum, will be met. AFC require to meet the full cost of significant road improvement measures to the A944 and AWPR junctions, widening of core paths, the narrowing of the already significantly congested A944 between the stadium site and Prime Four and all other road improvements required to facilitate their development. The second of these conditions is the provision of a Controlled Parking Zone.  This is required to promote sustainable travel patterns which will encourage fans to leave their cars at home and travel by the buses provided by the Club.  This will require a Traffic Regulation order to be in place, requiring a Westhill wide consultation.  AFC should meet the full costs of this consultation – they must not be met by the tax-payer. [caption id="attachment_1861" align="aligncenter" width="741"] The true extentent of the required CPZ. 30 minutes walking distance covers the majority of Westhill.[/caption] The CPZ must cover all streets within a 30-minute walking distance of the stadium.  This area is significantly larger than the area proposed by the club in their application and is a requirement of the condition imposed by ACC Roads Management.  AFC must meet the full costs of any CPZ in perpetuity to ensure that this burden is never passed onto the community or to the tax payers of Aberdeenshire. The third condition is for a safe means of crossing from the Arnhall Industrial Estate, across the A944, to the stadium.  The club now need to bring forward their proposals for a suitable and fully accessible structure at the gateway entrance to Westhill. The policing of football fans on match day within Westhill is a major concern for many, and we believe that there is a requirement for a CCTV network within Westhill that will ensure the safety of residents and fans alike.  Fans are currently monitored by Police Scotland throughout Aberdeen on match days by a network of CCTV cameras, therefore it must be a requirement that similar monitoring measures are in place in Westhill. Major police operations are required in Aberdeen for the policing of Old Firm matches.  We expect that similar operations will be needed at Westhill, especially as AFC have allowed for a 50% increase in visiting Old Firm fans to 3,000 per game.  The full costs of this CCTV must be met by the AFC, and not by the Aberdeenshire tax-payer. Aberdeenshire Council objected to this development, as did thousands of local residents.  AFC have indicated they wish to be “good neighbours”.  As such, they must now come forward with their proposals and fulfil the commitments they made in their planning application.  This is a private development; therefore, all costs must be met by the developer and not by the tax-payer. The No Kingsford Stadium Campaign will continue to act to ensure that all conditions are fully met, and that the community is protected from this development. It is imperative that the relevant Aberdeenshire Council representatives are made aware of the concerns of our community, and that their support is required in the enforcement of the planning conditions. We urge you to contact the following people to make your thoughts on the stadium development known to ensure that Aberdeen Football Club make good their promises and meet the conditions within the planning permission. Officials:

  • Jim Savege (Chief Executive):
  • Stephen Archer (Director of Infrastructure:
  • Alan Wood (Head of Finance):
  • Margaret Jane Cardno (Area Manager):
  • Jim Gifford (Leader of the Council): cllr,
  • Peter Argyle (Deputy Leader):
Westhill Local Councillors Garioch Area Councillors
  • Fergus Hood (Chair Area Committee):
  • Dominic Lonchay (Deputy Chair):
  • Martin Ford:
  • Lesley Berry:
  • Marion Ewenson:
  • Victoria Harper:
  • Hazel Smith:
  • Neil Baillie:
  • Glen Reid:
  • Judy Whyte:

4 thoughts on “NKS group vow to continue to ensure conditions are fully met and community is protected from unwanted stadium development.

  1. Thanks for all your hard work with the judicial review, sorry on your behalf and mine that it was not successful. You have obviously come to the conclusion that there is no point pursuing the appeal. So just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Westhill for your efforts. I am glad that you are continuing the fight to ensure the conditions are met before construction commences.
    Thanks again.

  2. I simply wish to reiterate the previous comment.
    A lot of work has been undertaken by the group. It is appreciated.

  3. Hi there, Just to say we think the same as Charles Maitand in his reply (above). Thanks for ALL your hard work but it is just a very GREAT PITY it didn’t go in our favour. As you say we MUST make sure the Football Club and Milne must carry out all the Planning conditions regarding the Stadium development and not try to wiggle out of any. Many people in our community will remember the promises and agreements made by AFC at past public meetings. When approached by AFC Aberdeenshire Council must stand firm against any dilution of the planning conditions . AFC may well think we have forgotten about what they publicly said and we should be prepared to give them timely reminders of the conditions set out by the City Planners – the basis the Club got the go ahead from the City.

  4. That’s a lot of conditions!!! Bet he buys his way out of that with his business buddies and connections

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