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Judicial review against ACC unsuccessful

Good Morning,

We are disappointed to inform you we have been unsuccessful in our Judicial Review. We have released the following press release this morning: No Kingsford Stadium Limited is disappointed with the outcome of the Judicial Review of the Kingsford Stadium Planning Application. We will now take time to consider matters with our legal team before deciding on next best steps. Meantime we take this opportunity to thank our many supporters, from across the community, who have given their time and financial backing to the “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign”. The Judgement will be released later today and it will be published on our website. Thanks again, All at NKS HQ]]>

One thought on “Judicial review against ACC unsuccessful

  1. So sorry to hear this after all your hard work . Let’s hope Aberdeenshire Council put a spanner in the works of the main stadium. Seeing the “flow” of traffic between Aberdeen and Westhill at busy times now the AWPR is open, should be a wake up call even for S. Milne and co – and ACC.

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