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"No Kingsford Stadium" goes to the Court of Session tomorrow…we reflect on an incredible campaign.

33 months (yes really -33 months!) and look at what it’s taken to enable our small communities of Westhill and Kingswells to challenge a developer all the way to the Court of Session in Edinburgh – no mean feat! Let’s look at some of what it’s taken to get us to this point…..

  • 20,000 flyers and 7000 objection packs, delivered by over 200 volunteers
  • 4992 objections submitted to the application (a record for Aberdeen City Council)
  • 150 group meetings (we have a team of people that meet almost every week)
  • 340 pages of objections submitted by NKS
  • 151 website articles written and published
  • 200 people protesting at the site visit by the council
  • 230 Facebook posts
  • 9 videos posted – one of these was viewed by 10700 people!
  • 300 people at a standing room only public meeting
  • 100s of messages of support received and replied to
  • 1,000s of hours by the campaign team
  • Over 1000 individual donations
  • Over £100,000 raised
  • 112 new grey hairs and 148 bottles of wine 🙂
We’d like to thank:
  • our volunteers for going out rain or shine (and for allowing their fingers to be trapped in so many letter boxes!)
  • our NKS team
  • those that have written reports and articles for us
  • our book-keeper
  • our legal team
  • our professional consultants
  • and everyone who has stuck by us and supported the campaign both financially and with messages of support – we would never have got this far without you.
The Judicial Review will bring impartial scrutiny of the decision made by Aberdeen City Council and whatever happens we can say we tried our utmost to stop this development.  Just look what can be achieved when communities pull together.   We will keep you posted with events over the next few days, albeit the outcome won’t be known for around 3 months. Thanks again Heather, Clare, Diane and all the NKS team.]]>

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