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Drive thru applications will set “dangerous precedent” for A944 development.

Drive-thru developments DANGEROUS "thin edge of the wedge" for A944 Corridor.

  1. We shared the news of multiple speculative drive-thru developments on land identified for high quality employment use last week.  Having reviewed the multiple applications, we consider that residents should, if they wish, object to these precedent forming developments.  These applications are the “thin-end of the wedge” and would not have been made had it not been for the stadium development and its use to justify the development.

These developments will be the start of the infilling of the A944 and urbanisation and eventual coalescence of Westhill into Aberdeen City.

These developments are contrary to the Westhill Capacity Study (prepared by Amec for Aberdeenshire Council) and the Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Strategic Plan.

We believe the following are key reasons to object to these developments and we encourage you to object to each one.  There is one application for Starbucks and FOUR for MacDonalds!

You must lodge your objections by 3rd January 2019.

Please use the following as reasons to object to these developments.

I object to this development for the following reasons:

  • There is not a proven deficiency in local services within the area. The impact on existing local businesses across Westhill has not been adequately considered and no valid economic assessment is presented. There are available sites within the local area that could accommodate this development within existing centres.  The application does not accord with the 'town centre first' policy.
  • This development is sited to take advantage of the proposed Kingsford Stadium development and is a speculative application based on this.
  • It is not appropriate to place such a development at this location because of the poor pedestrian access and impact on the A944. The development would likely be attractive to school children from the academy and no safe crossing is available.
  • The site layout indicates a 'drive through' arrangement, with substantial parking - encouraging use of unsustainable modes of transport. Public transport connections appear to be absent and the development is almost entirely reliant on private car use.
  • The negative impact on environment from litter and additional car journeys, in addition to the negative health impacts of fast food on the population.
  • The employment proposed is not of the high-quality that was originally envisioned for this location. As such it will add little to the local economy.
  • Noise and light pollution from this development will have a significant negative impact on the local area. Sound travels within the bowl area of Westhill valley and this development will generate significant noise and light pollution.
  • No tree planting/landscaping is proposed to block the building from view as has been the case in other developments in the area.
  • The Westhill Capacity Study prepared for Aberdeenshire Council makes it clear that without significant improvements in roads infrastructure, Westhill is at capacity and that further development should be halted. The additional traffic generated by these developments would place additional stress on the transport network.
  • The Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Strategic Plan has a priority of tackling obesity and denying this application would support that goal.
  • MACDONLADS ONLY The transport assessment references proposals for parking in the Arnhall Business Park by AFC. No evidence has been provided to support the use of business car parks for this purpose.
  • STARBUCKS ONLY There is no transport assessment presented for the development – this development will have a significant negative impact on the already congested A944 corridor and linked road network.

To object, click the links for each of the FIVE applications below.  Then select the COMMENT tab and enter your objection.

You must lodge your objections by 3rd January 2019

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