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FAQ – What is happening now!

We have prepared a short ‘ FAQ’ which we hope will answer any questions you may have about the upcoming Judicial Review. The Kingsford Stadium development is already being used as an unwelcome precedent for development along the A944  corridor.  Multiple Green Belt and Employment land sites have been ear-marked by developers for Class 3 Food and Drink drive-thrus and restaurants.  We predicted this over two years ago and it is only by working to correct the poor judgement of Aberdeen City Council can we protect our green space network, the Green Belt and the environment of West Aberdeen. You will see from the FAQ that we are looking to our supporters to donate again.   Although we did reach our fund-raising target of £70,000 , our costs have increased due to the level of work our legal team had in preparing the petition and the PEO, and we also now have an extra day in court to fund.   Although we had hoped that we would not have to ask for further donations, this is the position we find ourselves in, and we ask you to please support us if you can. The Judicial Review is the only opportunity we have to make the decision unlawful and our best shot of stopping the construction of the stadium. Please get in touch at if you have any further questions. Q. Who are we taking to court? A. Aberdeen City Council, because they made the decision.  It is a Judicial Review of their decision making process.  We believe they have not handled this application correctly. Aberdeen Football Club (AFC) have elected to be represented as an interested party.   Q. Where and when will the Judicial Review take place? A. This will all take place at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.  There is a procedural hearing on 19 December 2018 and the substantive 3 day hearing on 29, 30 and 31 January 2019.   Q. Can I attend the Judicial Review? A. Yes, you can attend – it is a public hearing.   Q. What is the Judicial Review about? A. The Judicial Review is of the whole application process for Kingsford – stadium, training pitches and other buildings.   Q. What are the stages to the Judicial Review? A. Every stage that we have gone through has been scrutinised by a Judge.  We needed permission for our case to be accepted by the Court of session, this was challenged by ACC & AFC.  There will now be a preliminary hearing (December), a substantive hearing (January) and a written judgement around three months later.   Q. What about all the work on site? A. The club is pushing ahead in full knowledge of the pending Judicial Review.  At the moment AFC have planning permission so can continue to work but any work done on the site is at their own risk. There is also no guarantee that AFC would be able to ‘simply re-apply’ and get the application passed again. They are taking a massive gamble – one which may well result in further significant costs to them. Q. Why are you asking for donations again? A. Your generous support so far has allowed us to meet the significant costs in getting past the permission stage for our petition.  It has also secured the Protective Expenses Order (PEO) which limits costs should we be unsuccessful.  We have, however, an unexpected three day substantive hearing due to the complexities of the case.  In addition to the extra day in court, the amount of work that was required for the petition and PEO by our legal team was higher than anticipated due to the complexities involved and the requirement for very robust and detailed submissions due to the challenges presented by this case.  We have both senior and junior counsel working on this case – among the very best in the country. Q. What is WAEPAL? A. It is our new charity, West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited.  We formed the charity to protect the Green Belt and the green space between our communities in West Aberdeen. As a charity seeking to protect the environment, WAEPAL will be supporting the “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign” and your donations will be used solely for the legal challenge against the stadium.

Support for the “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign” can now be given by donating to NKS/WAEPAL. All your donations will be used to support the NO Kingsford Stadium Campaign. STEP 1:  Complete a WAEPAL GiftAid form at ——- STEP 2: Donate via Online Banking:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort Code: 83-15-31

Account Number: 19086195

  Or send a cheque payable to West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited to:

West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited

Westhill Business Centre

Endeavour Dr, Arnhall Business Park

Westhill AB32 6UF

The methods above are the most tax and cost efficient.  You can also give by online with PayPal:

——- STEP 3: Keep in touch Please then send an email to WAEPAL ( as notification of your donation so that we can keep you informed of developments. West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited is a Charity registered in Scotland SC048568]]>

One thought on “FAQ – What is happening now!

  1. Hello there
    I just wanted to say Well Done on sending out the News Letter. It was very clear with bold letters and tells us what you are trying to do.
    As not everyone has a computer and as you need more contributions to cover the added costs for your legal challenge your flyer is a great way of informing everyone
    We wish your team the best of success on the 19th and also later in January. The proposed eyesore development will ruin our rural environment and they shouldn’t be able to get away with it. Best wishes for the season Carole and Tony

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