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PLANNING WATCH: Drive-thru developments at entrance to Westhill on allocated high quality employment land

On Friday 30th November a planning application was lodged with Aberdeenshire Council for a 24-hour Starbucks with drive through facility in the land at Arnhall at the entrance to Westhill .

There is also an application for signage for a MacDonald‘s development on an adjacent site. These sites were zoned for high quality employment land and not for Class 3 food and drink outlets. Also, these developments are an immediate follow up to the proposed stadium development and are unlikely to have been proposed without this.  The impact of these developments on the local Westhill Shopping Centre is not yet understood and the question of their location at the signature entrance to Westhill should be considered – is there a deficiency in the local retail provision that means these developments should be promoted?

WAEPAL will be thoroughly reviewing the plans before stating our position.  In the meantime we would be very keen to hear your opinion on this application.  Please comment below or write to us at info@waepal.org.uk

The application numbers are APP/2018/2869 (Star Bucks) and APP/2018/2801 (MacDonalds) – These can be accessed here: https://upa.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/online-applications/

One thought on “PLANNING WATCH: Drive-thru developments at entrance to Westhill on allocated high quality employment land

  1. Hi there,
    Well what can I say? I didn’t know there was a public meeting about the fast food outlets on the 28th Nov. I must have missed the notification.
    So now they want to put fast food outlets nearer to Westhill. When did this all happen and has interest in the vet’s site been dropped, or are McD’s and Starbucks new contenders battling for a new location?
    Mr Mine and his Football Stadium has a lot to answer for.
    If there was no stadium then there would be no requirement for fast food outlets. All the talk of making the community fitter through playing football at the new sporting complex is being compromised by locating fast-food outlets at the exit gate! How/where are the hungry sporting types going to cross the A944 to get nourishment after a busy workout?
    I’ve lost the will to live!
    Just how are the football fans and academy pupils going to cross the busy 944 – that ball is now in Aberdeenshires’s court.
    Let’s hope that Aberdeenshire Council stands their ground and keep the original zoning plan of the area for high quality employment. Then there would be no need for a bridge across the A944 as workers would travel by car and academy students will stay in the central area of Westhill and in the safety of the Shopping Centre

    I wish you luck

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