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WAEPAL: consolidating our campaigning

Our beginnings…

We’ve been running the No Kingsford Stadium campaign since May 2016; an incredible 2 years and seven months of work with amazing support from the communities of Westhill, Kingswells and West Aberdeen.

We started as a community group and then established No Kingsford Stadium Limited (NKSL) to take forward the main stadium campaign.  NKSL has raised a petition for a Judicial Review of Aberdeen City Council’s decision to grant planning permission for the stadium and training facilities at Kingsford.  NKSL believes that Aberdeen City Council has failed in its duty to correctly determine the application and the full case will be heard in the Court of Session in January next year.

With the imminent opening of the AWPR there is a real danger that applications for developments all along the A944 will be submitted, eroding the space between Kingswells and Westhill – leading to the loss of identity for our towns. Such applications are contrary to the intention of the AWPR – it was never designed to become a ‘development corridor’ – however, without strong community support, our councillors and planners will forget and renege on their promises. We can see the intention for sprawling development of the A944 from the drive-through application and from the developer bids submitted for the local development plans – the A944 does not need another 3000+ homes – enough is enough.

WAEPAL: campaigning for you

Given the significant threat to the green belt and the green space to the west of Aberdeen, and in particular, the A944 corridor from Aberdeen to Westhill, we felt it was necessary to establish a body to take forward a wider campaign of environmental protection, a body which could also continue to support the NKSL legal case as it moved forward.  West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited was born from this – and we’ve worked very hard to establish this new charity over the last few months.

It’s now time to streamline our organisation so that we can take forward the campaign on the best footing possible.  We will be merging the activities of the NKS group and WAEPAL.  We will also merge the No Kingsford Stadium social media accounts with those of WAEPAL.  No Kingsford Stadium Limited will continue to exist as a company limited by guarantee and will be financially supported by WAEPAL in the current legal petition against Aberdeen City Council.

Future donations should be made to WAEPAL.  WAEPAL, as a registered charity, qualifies for GiftAid on your donations and you can register online here to add gift aid to your WAEPAL donations.

You can support the No Kingsford Stadium campaign by donating to WAEPAL and your donations will qualify for GiftAid (so 25% more for the campaign!)

Astounding arrogance of Aberdeen Football Club

Recent statements by AFC have stated that the Judicial Review will have no impact on the proposed stadium and training facilities.  The club has stated:

“In the unlikely case the court finds an anomaly in the process after the hearings, we will simply rectify and go through planning all over again to get the same result.”

It is incorrect to assume that this will be the case.  Should the Court find that there has been a significant error which therefore rules out the use of the Kingsford site, they cannot simply “go through planning all over again to get the same result.”

The arrogance and disrespect for the Court shown by the club is astounding.

Give to WAEPAL

The fight to save our community goes on and, with your continued support, we will present the best case possible to defend our green belt, infrastructure and way of life.

Account Name: West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited
Sort Code: 83-15-31
Account Number: 19086195
Please remember to complete a GiftAid form.  For every £1.00 you give us, HMRC will give us another £0.25 at no cost to you!

WAEPAL will be represented at the hearing on the A944 Drive-thru restaurants later this month and the charity will work to protect the environment of West Aberdeen.

West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited is a Charity registered in Scotland SC048568

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