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WAEPAL: Update on Drive-thru application on A944

This Thursday, 20 September, the planners recommendation for the Erection of 3 food & drink units at the land adjacent to the Ardene Vets practice on the A944, to which WAEPAL, Kingswells Community Council and many residents in Westhill and Kingswells objected to, is being presented to the Aberdeen City Council Planning Committee.

Points of note

  • The Aberdeen City Council Roads Department in their report concluded that there was a considerable amount of outstanding issues and that further information was required, and that “as it is highly likely that there will be a fairly comprehensive second revision of roads comments, additional non-statutory consultees will be consulted in the interim, and their comments will be incorporated in the next revision”.
  • Kingswells Community Council objection included:
    • concerns over the access and exit arrangements onto the A944
    • the increase in traffic to the area
    • approval of this application will encourage fans to walk along the A944 to the development site. This could have major implications to the safety of football fans, as there is no provision in the stadium application to stop fans.
  • Transport Scotland requested additional time to audit the transport assessment. However there has not been a further consultee comment submitted by them.
  • The Bon-Accord Centre, St Nicholas Shopping Centre and the Aberdeen Civic Society objected.
  • The WAEPAL conclusion was that the application did not accord with the local development plan or transportation policy and should be refused. Our full objection can be read here.

The planners Recommendation is to ‘Convene a Public hearing’This will allow all parties the opportunity to present their views in front of the Elected members of the Planning Development Management Committee.

WAEPAL would like to thank all those in the community who joined us in objecting to this planning application.   There is strength in numbers, and the recommendation for a public hearing will be in no small part a reaction to the strength of feeling shown by the community.  This will no doubt be the first of many other applications we may need to challenge to protect the Green Belt and Green Space around the towns of Westhill and Kingswells.

The Planners full report to the Planning Committee can be read here.

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