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PRESS RELEASE: NKSL lodge petition for Judicial Review of Kingsford Stadium planning permission

th July 2018, the Court of Session granted an order permitting service of a petition to judicially review Aberdeen City Council’s decision of 23rd April 2018 to grant planning permission for the new Aberdeen Football Club plc’s stadium and associated facilities at West Kingsford.  The petition was lodged on behalf of No Kingsford Stadium Limited (NKSL). After service is complete NKSL will seek permission from the court to proceed with the judicial review. Today is a landmark event for NKSL and the “No Kingsford Stadium” Campaign which has worked tirelessly, driven by thousands of local people standing against the stadium development. NKSL represent people in the communities of Westhill, Kingswells and beyond who are against the Kingsford development.  Mrs Diane Reid, Director stated “We wish to thank all those who have supported us.  We believe Aberdeen City Council has failed in its duty to properly determine this application.  We are confident that the court process will bring independent and impartial scrutiny to the decision and that we have a real prospect of success.” Mrs Reid continued, “Today, we have demonstrated that communities can challenge inappropriate development and we look forward to the coming proceedings.” -ENDS- Notes for Editors:

  1. No Kingsford Stadium Limited (“NKSL”) is a company whose objects include (a) To benefit the Community of Westhill, Kingswells and West Aberdeen (“the Community”) by advancing environmental protection and/or improvement; and (b) To promote the use, management and preservation of land within the Community in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner for the benefit of the Community and the public in general. They are funded by public and member donation.
  2. The Court of Session is the supreme court of first instance in Scotland and hears all applications (petitions) for judicial review.
  3. All petitions for judicial review must now have permission to proceed granted by the court. The council and any other party with an interest may choose to participate in the application for permission to proceed.  A decision on permission is expected within approximately two months.
While you are here… Support for the “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign” can now be given by donating to NKS/WAEPAL. All your donations will be used to support the NO Kingsford Stadium Campaign. STEP 1:  Complete a WAEPAL GiftAid form at https://waepal.org.uk/why-claim-gift-aid/ ——- STEP 2: Donate via Online Banking:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort Code: 83-15-31

Account Number: 19086195

  Or send a cheque payable to West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited to:

West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited

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Westhill AB32 6UF

  The methods above are the most tax and cost efficient.  You can also give by online with PayPal:


——- STEP 3: Keep in touch Please then send an email to WAEPAL (info@waepal.org.uk) as notification of your donation so that we can keep you informed of developments. West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited is a Charity registered in Scotland SC048568]]>

One thought on “PRESS RELEASE: NKSL lodge petition for Judicial Review of Kingsford Stadium planning permission

  1. Interesting to note the amount of water lying on the Kingsford site, even although it didn’t rain that much recently.

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