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Q and A – Where are we now?

Many people have asked us about the current works on site and about the judicial review.  As we have previously said, we need to play our cards close to our chest regarding the judicial review, but we are in the final stages of the preparation and details will be revealed shortly.  In the meantime, hopefully the following will answer some questions we have been asked. Q – What about the work already started?  Are they allowed to do that?

A – Providing the relevant conditions are met and the building warrants are in place, then the developer is ok to proceed.  
Q – Have all the planning conditions been met?
A – According to the city planners all the conditions have been met for Phase 1, the training facilities.  In regard to phase 2, the stadium, no they have not. Some of these phase 2 conditions will be the Shire’s responsibility to approve.  The conditions for the CPZ and the safe crossing both fall under the Shire’s jurisdiction. There are also major conditions to meet in regard to road widening and layouts. (See previous post re most recent info regarding the developer’s attempts to avoid implementing a CPZ) https://www.nokingsfordstadium.org.uk/2018/04/19/are-afc-planning-traffic-and-parking-chaos-for-westhill/
Q – Does AFC have all the funding in place for Phase 1.
A – The last reports were that they had over half the £10 million needed.  We understand that they are trying to raise funds by asking businesses for donations.  We assume this will be challenging in the current economic climate in Aberdeen.  
Q – Who meets the cost of the road widening, safe crossing, core paths, CPZ etc. needed in Phase 2.
A – These will be down to AFC.  These costs will likely run into £millions.  We believe these costs are on top of the £40 million they quote as the cost of the stadium build.  Stewart Milne said earlier this week that the sale of Pittodrie will not realise as much as they require now.
Q – If NKS are successful in their legal challenge, what happens to the work already done on the site?
A – The court may decide that the land should be reinstated to Greenbelt.  We will certainly be pushing for this to happen.
Q – Stewart Milne says if NKS win that he can just go back and apply again?  Can he do that?
A – Yes, but there is no guarantee that the council will approve it.  Whichever points resulted in the decision being deemed unlawful will have to be taken into consideration.  The council just can’t simply approve it again. AFC are of course saying they will just get it re-approved.  But they will know full well that it’s not so straightforward as that. What would be the point in having a judicial review process if it was that easy?
Q – Do NKS get their money back if they win?
A – If we are successful we would get some, but not all money back.
Q – Will donators get their money back?
A – As stated previously, if we are in a position to do so, donators may get some money back.  
Q – What about paying the council’s costs if NKS lose?
  1. A – There is a misconception that NKS intend to walk away from their obligations should we lose.  This is absolutely NOT the case. We fully intend to meet our obligations. These costs are not prohibitive.  There are legal mechanisms available to both sides to allow costs to be manageable.
Q – When does the legal challenge need to be with the courts?
A – We have until 22 July.  We are on schedule to meet this date.

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3 thoughts on “Q and A – Where are we now?

  1. The building works at Kingsford extend far beyond the “training pitches” Meantime the council are supposed to be observing what is happening yet don’t appear to be taking any action.
    Anyone know why?

  2. Now there are plans for drive through eating places. The application apparently states that jobs will be provided. No doubt low paid jobs for students!

  3. The building works at Kingsford looks extensive. Should they really be doing as much as they are doing.
    Is there a chance that because of all the work that has already been done, that the Judicial Review will go with AFC and just let them carry on?

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