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nd of July. Many people have asked us what is happening regarding the CPZ and the safe crossing of the A944, the plans for which the Shire council will have to approve.  We are not aware of any meetings between the club and the Shire Council.  There was a meet scheduled scheduled for the 21st of March but this was cancelled at short notice.  Our guess is that this has been put in the ‘too difficult’ box at the moment, and the focus for the club will be to progress the training facilities.  The club are, of course at liberty to proceed with the development of Phase 1 once the conditions are met, however would be required to reinstate the land to Greenbelt if we are successful in our Judicial Review.  There are various scenarios that could come into play if we are successful in our judicial review, but one step at a time! We are very pleased to report that we now have raised £67,500 and have this money in the bank to proceed with the legal challenge– this is a tremendous amount of money and really shows the strength of feeling against this development.  Thanks to everyone that has donated.  We are now so near our target of £70,000.  If you haven’t donated, please do so to get us there!

While you are here… Support for the “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign” can now be given by donating to NKS/WAEPAL. All your donations will be used to support the NO Kingsford Stadium Campaign. STEP 1:  Complete a WAEPAL GiftAid form at ——- STEP 2: Donate via Online Banking:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort Code: 83-15-31

Account Number: 19086195

  Or send a cheque payable to West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited to:

West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited

Westhill Business Centre

Endeavour Dr, Arnhall Business Park

Westhill AB32 6UF

  The methods above are the most tax and cost efficient.  You can also give by online with PayPal:

——- STEP 3: Keep in touch Please then send an email to WAEPAL ( as notification of your donation so that we can keep you informed of developments. West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited is a Charity registered in Scotland SC048568]]>

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