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2021 Aberdeenshire LDP: “developers descend like vultures” on A944 sites

As part of the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP) 2021, Aberdeenshire Council invited applicants to nominate land for development (known as the ‘Call for Sites’ stage).

As we indicated previously, the application for the stadium has led to a number of new development bids for Green Belt land adjacent to the site or close by.  These include:

This capacity study from 2014 shows the priority which MAY be given to development (GREEN means that it is RECOMMENDED FOR DEVELOPMENT).  The stadium is being used by developers to grab land, in a justification of unsustainable development of the local area.

A link to local Councillor Iris Walker’s helpful explanation is listed here:


A link to Councillor Walker’s page which lists the developers bid for inclusion in the new LDP is here:


Of course there is nothing stopping bids being submitted, however, along with the construction of the stadium goes the loss of the Green Belt status of the land at Kingsford and surrounding area.  As predicted, these bids are the thin end of the wedge as these are only the Aberdeenshire bids up to the regional border, with Aberdeen City bids still to be submitted.

Should the stadium go ahead, an ‘open door’ policy on development on the North and South sides of the A944 would surely follow.  This will affect all those who not only live in Westhill but those who use the A944 to commute to and from work.

The road infrastructure along the A944 is incapable of dealing with further development and Aberdeen City Council would have little or no argument against development along the A944 corridor now they have succumbed to AFC.  Planners state that they recognise the pressure that developers will now bring to bear in submitting bids for high footfall generating developments close to AWPR junctions.

While the planners state that the preferred option will be to avoid developments being located near junctions and that developments ‘should only come through the full and open development plan process’, recent experience with the AFC Kingsford proposal provides little reassurance to communities.

We accept that development is required to provide growth, but without the investment in infrastructure our community will struggle to cope with the wild ambitions of greedy developers hell bent on destroying the Green Belt.

Help retain this area of Green Belt protecting the divide between Westhill and Kingswells by donating to the fund for the Judicial Review.

Together we can stop this.

We need your help!  Please donate to help us lodge the best possible challenge to this application – we can’t do it without your support.  Any donation that you make will remain confidential.

Transfer a donation to the campaign bank account:

Account Name: No Kingsford Stadium
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Please include your name as a payment reference if you wish.

Or send a cheque payable to “No Kingsford Stadium” to:

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Using the above methods maximises your donation and reduces bank charges. You can also give via PayPal online using the link https://paypal.me/nokingsford

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