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The Road to Judicial Review

£60,000 will allow us to challenge ACC via the Judicial Review process.  This is the only option open to us to try to stop this development.  There is no right of appeal for people against planning applications – communities are at a disadvantage when compared to developers who are allowed to appeal. Have you donated?  If so – thank you so much!  Many people are doing a monthly donation.  Is this something you could do?  Could you give us a bit more to help us reach our target? Do you support the campaign but haven’t donated?    We need you to support us. We have a case which has a strong likelihood of success. We know Aberdeen City has failed to process this application correctly and fairly. And we are not the first community group to bring such a challenge. It’s been done before – just look at what this community group achieved!

Why donate now? Because lodging a Judicial Review is time limited. We only have 90 days once the application is determined officially by Aberdeen City Council. We need to be ready to act as soon as this happens. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have on a personal and confidential basis – please e-mail us at [caption id="attachment_3573" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Some of our folders of documents, ready for our legal team to review.[/caption] We are currently preparing a raft of documentation for a meeting with our legal team next week.  We will have 6 representatives of NKS travelling to Edinburgh to meet with the team. This is happening – be part of the movement that stood up to protect the Green Belt, our local infrastructure and our community! #NoKingsford]]>

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