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Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Planning and Building Standards, Robert Gray, said: “Aberdeenshire Council is disappointed to note the decision of Scottish Ministers not to intervene in the determination of the application for the new stadium and community facilities at Kingsford, Aberdeen. “We were of the view that the application, which is within Aberdeen City but will lie on the boundary between the two Council areas, was unacceptable and should have been refused. However, as Scottish Ministers have now indicated that Aberdeen City Council can proceed to determine the application, we will seek to be involved to get the best possible outcome for the area.  “One of the main priorities in this process has been to protect the residents and amenity of Westhill from the development and, in particular, to ensure that options were fully considered to effectively control parking outside the stadium grounds and allow the safe crossing of the A944 between the stadium and Arnhall Business Park.  “The position of Scottish Ministers and decision taken by Aberdeen City Council leaves a number of unanswered questions about these matters which have not been fully considered, meaning they could be open to challenge or run the risk of not being delivered.  “We are already in discussion with colleagues at Aberdeen City Council in an attempt to resolve these points and are similarly happy to have that discussion with the applicant.” So clearly there are still obstacles to overcome and it seems that the Shire and the City Councils will have to work together to resolve these. However, on reading the documentation from the Scottish Government, we found that they had also included the document from the Shire council requesting the call-in.  And there was a particular paragraph that we find very concerning.  That was regarding the Controlled Parking Zone. Aberdeen City Council, on approving the application, made it a condition of planning that: No development within phase 2 ( stadium) shall take place unless a Traffic Regulation Order has been granted for the implementation of a controlled parking Zone ( CPZ) extending to an area which covers all roads and streets within  Westhill and Elrick which lie within a 30 minute walk-time of the application site. Thereafter the stadium shall not be brought into use unless a CPZ has been so implemented – in the interest of delivering the overall Transport Strategy relating to this development, and so control on-street parking within the surrounding residential streets” In their application for a Scottish Government call-in, the Shire council quite rightly raised a considerably sized red flag regarding this condition.  To summarise:

  • There was no provision in the condition for the applicant ( AFC ) to fund the CPZ
  • A 30 minute walk-time from the stadium will take in almost all of Westhill
  • Investigating, promoting and delivering a CPZ will cost approximately £600,000
  • No provision has been made for funding the administration of several thousand parking permits for residents or maintenance of the scheme in perpetuity ( NB – AFC are only willing to fund the administration of the CPZ for 5 years )
  • Police Scotland will not have available resources to deploy to manage the CPZ
This means that is unless AFC stump up £600k, then the tax-payer will need to fund the implementation of a CPZ.  Oh, and the CPZ will be unenforceable anyway because Police Scotland will be deploying their resources at the stadium and unless AFC fund the ongoing running of the permit system in perpetuity, after 5 years it will be the tax-payer again paying for it. A CPZ is only essential in the first place because this development is on a non-sustainable site, and it is acknowledged by all concerned that the means of transport to get there will be mainly by car.

It is completely unacceptable that the tax-payer should pay for a CPZ to enable a private, commercial development.

This situation is untenable – an unenforceable CPZ that in the long run is going to cost the tax-payer over a MILLION POUNDS !!!!




Account Number: 00224638

Sort Code: 83-28-40

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

You can also give via cheque made payable to “No Kingsford Stadium”. Please send your cheque to No Kingsford Stadium Limited, Westhill Business Centre, Endeavour Dr, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill AB32 6UF . The full document can be read here ]]>

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