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They think it’s all over BUT what really happens now?

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There is a long way to go before any of this is resolved. If you object to this proposed development, please support the campaign by giving what you can.  Please don’t leave it up to others as we need all the support we can get. More info on the legal challenge can be found within our newsletter.


Donate by Bank Transfer

Use online banking or attend your branch and transfer your donation using these details. Email us your contact details so we can update you on the campaign.

Sort Code: 83-28-40 Account Number: 00224638 Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Donate by Cheque

Make cheques payable to “No Kingsford Stadium” and send to:

No Kingsford Stadium, Westhill Business Centre, Endeavour Dr, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill AB32 6UF

Donate Online

You can give money online via PayPal.

If possible please donate by cheque or bank transfer to reduce our transaction charges and ensure more of your money goes to the campaign.


2 thoughts on “They think it’s all over BUT what really happens now?

  1. Thanks for the update. Hope you get all the funds required to support your fight against this development.
    If green belt is broken I am sure Stewart Milne will be ready with a cheque to purchase the remainder of the farm for housing development.

  2. The “bridge” will affect everyone in the area to some extent. How can ACC be allowed to impose this on us all without involving Aberdeenshire Council? It’s ridiculous.
    If anyone wants to see how bad this would look, take a trip to Dundee Kingsway where there are several such constructions.

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