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Kingsford Tourist Mecca…too funny to be a joke

If it wasn’t such a serious matter, we might find it funny that Monday’s P & J was apparently sponsored by Aberdeen Football Club.
Kingsford being described as a ‘must-see tourist destination for visitors around the globe’ must surely make even the most die-hard fans of the development cringe. Anyone looking at the plans will see a bog standard 20,000 stadium, 7 miles from the city centre, not some architectural masterpiece.
Kingsford will not be the next Nou Camp or Old Trafford, where legions of fans come from throughout the world to see magnificent stadiums, steeped in history, with trophy rooms filled with silver won by world-class teams.
This is a cynical attempt by AFC to try to get Kingsford some sort of global recognition, so that it can be viewed as a stadium with National Importance, just in case, the Scottish Government need to make a decision. Nice try, but we weren’t fooled for one minute.