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Westhill has NEVER BEEN GREEN BELT! Kingsford is Green Belt

Councillor Donnelly REALLY should have done his homework. Green Belt is a policy for controlling urban growth. The idea is for a ring of countryside where urbanisation will be restricted for the foreseeable future. Thus keeping in reserve an open space around large cities giving the unique character to urban communities, acting as a buffer to these communities. Green Belt was designated by the Scottish Government by regulation prior to the 1978 Aberdeen Area Structure Plan. The designation was limited until responsibility was taken by Grampian Regional Council to “indicate a zone” which should be precisely defined by district councils in the preparation of the local plans of the early 1980s. Westhill, the garden suburb, was the brainchild of an Aberdeen solicitor Ronald Fraser Dean in 1963, with the backing of Aberdeen District Council. The first houses in the new town were built in 1968 on two former ancient farming estates of Wester Kinmundy and Blackhills.Westhill was a substantial distance from the boundary of Aberdeen City (Kingswells had not been built) and was not part of the Green Belt. The development of Westhill has been ongoing, it has been strategically planned for through the local and strategic development plan. These plans are drawn up through several years of consultation with communities before being implemented. Yes, there are industrial/employment areas to Westhill, these have all been zoned and planned for, they’ve gone through rigorous discussions, procedures and policies. Kingsford IS GREEN BELT! It was previously used as landfill for construction rubble, then on orders of Aberdeen City Council, reinstated as Greenbelt in 2015. The latest Greenbelt review stated this area was not suitable for development. Greenbelt land is cheap, this is because it is land that is not for development. Aberdeen Football Club are a commercial enterprise, a business motivated by money. This business is being ‘gifted’ an opportunity to increase their own revenue, in the same location, other businesses have been refused permission. The Kingsford Stadium application was not planned, was not part of the strategic or local development plan and is illegal. It did not go through years of public consultation. It has been sprung upon local residents by Aberdeen Football Club.]]>

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