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"Not willing to sit around the table" statements by Stewart Milne untrue show NKS

We tried, they didn’t want to know. It has been widely reported in the media today that Stewart Milne has said that

‘he is disappointed that no one from the group (NKS) has been willing to sit around the table with AFC and work together.’
However, No Kingsford Stadium group started dialogue with AFC on the 17th May 2016. NKS wrote to Stewart Milne directly to discuss elements of the application.  Milne replied to say
‘AFC will do all they can to demonstrate they will be good neighbours and George Yule will be in touch to meet and share our plans over the coming months’.
We heard nothing, so, we wrote to Stewart Milne on 13th August 2016 stating:
‘In May of this year you extended an invitation to the No Kingsford Stadium group, to be involved in further discussions with the club on the proposals for Kingsford. You indicated in your email that George Yule would make contact in due course.’
and stated
‘We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss tangible benefits that the club could bring to Westhill and the facilities offered at the proposed site specifically for our community.’
On the 23rd August 2016 Stewart Milne responded saying that AFC were
‘committed to continuing to engage in an open and constructive manner as we work through the planning process.’
We have had no further contact from the club. Nothing in 2017 and so far nothing in 2018.  So we are somewhat bemused by Stewart Milne’s claims that we have not been willing to engaged with them. In fact, it has been NKS who have reached out to the Club on more than one occasion.

But what else have the club been saying?

However, what AFC have been saying publicly is not what they have said ‘privately’.  Using freedom of information (FOI) NKS came across an interesting statement in an email from George Yule to Aberdeen City Council. In his concluding paragraph of the email he states:
‘We have an element of local population who are unfortunately ruthlessly selfish, narrow-minded, adverse to any change and interested only in sustaining their own comfortable lifestyle at the potential expense of future generations of Aberdonians’
So maybe this change in attitude of ‘lets be good neighbours’ to calling those opposing the development ruthlessly selfish etc. has shown the club to be not as altruistic as they have led the press to believe they are.]]>

4 thoughts on “"Not willing to sit around the table" statements by Stewart Milne untrue show NKS

  1. Why is it that when commenting on this development during the planning stages, were the public only allowed to comment on material considerations, when ACC then approve it on grounds that are nothing to do with material considerations!! Unfair madness and ACC should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Aberdeen City Council obviously consider Stewart Milne much more important than the 5000 people who objected (who pay council tax). Money is more important than the happiness of the community. The average person really has no say in anything, everything is decided for them by a minority of people who do not live in the real world.

    1. I guess that is why we have “Planners” Something definitely not right in the council’s planning department.

  3. This ACC decision stinks like the Trump deal. I guess in Aberdeen there is one set of rules for millionaires and another for everyone else. Disgusting.

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