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Update from NKS: This is far from over

NKS prepare for next steps in planning battle

NKS are very disappointed that ACC planners have deemed it suitable to recommend approval of the Kingsford Stadium and Training Facilities application. Despite the multiple planning policy breaches and the poor economic and public benefit case, they appear to have accepted the statements made by AFC and their representatives without applying an appropriate level of scrutiny. We very much hope that ACC Councillors will ignore the guidance of planners but we consider the possibility that the application will now be approved to be high. There are now multiple routes to resolve this application.

The planning conditions required a bridge and a Controlled Parking Zone to be approved by Aberdeenshire Council. Aberdeenshire Council has objected to the development and we will campaign, with your support, to ensure that Aberdeenshire Councillors continue their objection to this development and do not approve these. The stadium element of the application will not be allowed to proceed if these conditions are blocked by Aberdeenshire. It could then be the case, that Scottish Government would intervene and determine the entire application or they could intervene before Aberdeenshire can even consider any application for the CPZ or pedestrian bridge. We will be discussing with our legal team the best way forward with a legal challenge to any decision made by Aberdeen City. We still believe the application is illegal and that there have been errors in the processing of the application which make it susceptible to challenge. We will update you following the decision by Aberdeen City Councillors on Monday 29th January. It is perverse that the community most affected by this application has no say in determining it. Scottish Government say that they want to empower local communities to make and challenge planning decisions and we have all said, with one voice, “We don’t want this development!” This is far from over and we are committed to challenging this application through all possible avenues. Thank you for your continued support. The NKS Team

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