One thought on “Download our Objection Card: No credible case for stadium at Kingsford

  1. I must take this opportunity to congratulate you all on having waged an excellent campaign to prevent this madness being imposed on Westhill. Your responses to the supplementary information are of the highest quality, clearly drawing upon the knowledge of experts in their fields.
    It’s not over by any means but there is a real chance of you winning this. In the traditional course of events applicants would simply throw another bucket of cash at writing up the required documentation, opinions, assessments and anything else necessary to show that black is not actually black, see, though it could be if that’s what it takes. Notwithstanding the foregoing and having due regard to the hereunder black is just regular ol’ no-harm-to-nobody white with all the white removed for the purpose of the application. And in a quantum consideration it might be black and white at the same time, just in case. Anyone who says otherwise is anti stuff.
    For the purpose of considering the application it can be shown there will be no traffic congestion and no footfall and no erosion of greenbelt and no noise and no anything that might get in the way. And if it gets the go ahead there will be traffic congestion and massive footfall and erosion of greenbelt and noise and everything that would have got in the way. This is normal, ja.
    In this case, with sufficient resources, there seems a realistic prospect of ensuring that the correct planning decision is made, failing which succeeding in obtaining a reversal at judicial review. So I am separately sending you £100 and if everyone else with an interest does the same you can knock this lot into a cocked hat.

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