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Freedom of Information Requests show reason for AFC Application Withdrawl

As NKS have always maintained, the submitted site selection was deeply flawed and that the club have received feedback to this effect. This was also the view of the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority. This means that the justification for co-location is weak, so now the club will be required to complete a site selection process for separate stadium and training facility sites.  It will be extremely difficult for the club to now prove that Kingsford is the best site for any of these facilities given that there are other sequentially preferably sites available: Kings Links, Loirston, Aulton, Murcar etc. [embeddoc url="" download="none"]]]>

2 thoughts on “Freedom of Information Requests show reason for AFC Application Withdrawl

  1. The applicant’s sequential site selection argument, among other things, was damned, possibly ridiculed, by the City & Shire SDPA. They observed that requests for clarification had resulted in the same information being repackaged. They noted that the applicant’s fall-back position on a range of planning policies is “it doesn’t apply to us.”
    Similar concerns on site selection were sufficiently strongly expressed in the city planning’s draft refusal recommendation in October to cause the applicant to defer the application for “further discussion”. Only three weeks later we learn that the same application is to be represented for consideration in December by the full council. There is no possibility of new city sites being identified in such a short space of time. The sequential site selection requirements have not altered. It will be very interesting to see if a repackaged form of words on this question now allows the planning objections to be kissed away.
    In short, despite overwhelming contra arguments on site selection by the planning services, the applicant and its fragrant chairman have decided to press on regardless. They’re not daft and if even they were they have available some of the most powerful and expensive legal and planning advisers, at least until recently including the former head of physical planning at Aberdeen City Council. If they are not confident the previously expressed planning recommendations will eventually be set aside would they be continuing to throw money at it? It looks like they’re sure.
    So it might reasonably be asked how they could be so sure of prevailing in the council membership against the advice of the executive? It’s a question which should be asked at every level of scrutiny.

  2. The location identified in the plans are on a GREEN BELT area. Have they not realised that in all the discussions that they are not allowed to build there.
    The noise factor from this proposed project will have a major effect on the people of westhill. I spent some time last year in Glasgow at a greater distance from the centre of westhill to the football park and the noise from the football park in Glasgow was VERY loud when any action was happening on the match there.
    The light pollution from this proposed project will have a significant effect on not only westhill town but will also be a dangerous distraction for traffic on the AWPR (when it eventually gets completed).
    The traffic chaos on the 944 ROUTE is the main route to the west and as can be heard almost every day the emergency traffic to and from Aberdeen city any disruption in the flow of traffic could be the cause of life or death cases. Can any justification to the flow of traffic by football fans be acceptable.
    Who will have to pay for the extra policing with the enivitable parking we would be subjected to and the other problems caused by fans when their side looses.
    If this application goes through what will happen to the house prices and the cost of rising insurance.

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