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NKS Announce Funding Secured for Petition for Judicial Review

th. The group previously announced full funding was in place for their initial legal counsel opinion on the case and are now pleased to announce that they have secured funds through pledges and donations to ensure that Aberdeen City Council will be held to account should they approve plans for Aberdeen Football Club’s Kingsford Stadium and Training Facilities. Speaking about this major step forward for NKS, Clare Davidson stated,

“We are delighted that the community has been so generous; we have received nearly £30,000 in donations and pledges to support our campaign to protect the Green Belt and the communities of Kingswells and Westhill from unplanned and unwanted development.  AFC have failed to make any clear economic or planning case to locate the proposed stadium at Kingsford – their transport strategy is entirely undeliverable and their case for co-location of their facilities has no merit.”
She continued,
“We very much expect that Aberdeen City planners will recommend that the proposal is refused when they publish their recommendation on October 4th and following that it is highly likely that councillors will vote to refuse AFC’s application; given the multiple failings and breaches of policy in the AFC application.  AFC must not be allowed to ride roughshod over local and national planning law.”
Heather Brock of NKS added:
“The support from the community has been fantastic. It is clear local people are with us as was demonstrated during the site visit by councillors. The generous financial support given by those against the stadium plans is further evidence that the community does not want a stadium or any other further development along the A944.”
Diane Reid of NKS concluded:
“We have legal advice that we have a strong case should Aberdeen City not follow policy and their recently adopted local development plan.  The case to reject this application is clear and we are confident of success in the courts, however we strongly urge councillors to do the right thing and reject the Kingsford plans.”
The group’s position is supported by statements from the Joint City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority, objections from Aberdeenshire Council, Westhill and Kingswells Community Councils and nearly 5,000 objections from individuals and local businesses. This milestone in funding for a potential judicial review is the second of three funding stages announced by NKS at their public meeting in August this year. The group is continuing to seek pledges to support the remaining £30,000 to fund the challenge following the lodging of the petition. You can pledge online at  [btnsx id="3081"] ]]>

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