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Open Letter to Mr George Yule, executive vice chairman of Aberdeen Football Club

As you can see, there are no community use sporting facilities apart from the two 4G football pitches which will be available for hire (when the training academy aren’t using them) and a small ‘multi-use room/dining room’ (which isn’t even big enough for a badminton court). There is a blank space of nothingness in the middle of the site, which is apparently a space for “potential future” community use. So, can we assume that this space is where you intend to build this ‘sports hub’? If so, why is it not shown on the plans? If it is not drawn or described in detail anywhere, then you will have to seek separate planning permission for it at a later date. There is no guarantee that this will be granted, especially since we note that it is sited in the middle zone of a pipeline restriction. This means that according to Health and Safety Executive rules, if it were to be a primarily outdoor development, it could not be used by more than 100 people at any one time. You suggest that it has not been drawn in detail because you are awaiting input from the community on what they require. Are you sure it’s not because it would add complexity and difficulty to gaining planning permission for an already contentious site in greenbelt and over a pipeline zone? What is the budget for this ‘sports hub’? The current plans total £50M, and the club acknowledges there is a funding gap for the stadium itself to be built.  Where then will the funds come from for this ‘sports hub’ What will it cost? Will AFC pay for it? How can you say it will be completed as part of Phase 1 of the application, when you don’t have it drawn on the plans, will not have planning permission and AFC seemingly don’t have the money? As it stands, the Kingsford plans offer no sporting facilities for those not interested in football. We await your answers with interest, Regards, No Kingsford Stadium]]>

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