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What the Press and Journal Edited Out – #pressbias

Mr Yules attack is directed towards the No Kinsgford Stadium campaign, however he seems to be conveniently forgetting that the stadium plans breach planning and transport policies and have resulted in concerns and objections from Aberdeen and Shire SPDA, SEPA, Aberdeenshire Council, Westhill and Kinsgwells community councils and thousands of people across the North-East. Mr Yule states he ‘ is not concerned’ , however we would suggest the very fact AFC have launched a campaign to harass local councillors and elected officials, when no such campaign was deployed for Loirston or Bellfield, would suggest that Mr Yule is very concerned indeed and that Aberdeen City Council are highly likely to refuse the Kingsford Stadium Plans. It seems that the #AllForAurora campaign is just like AFCs stadium plans – not properly considered or planned. We purchased the domains to highlight this issue and spread the message of our campaign. ]]>

3 thoughts on “What the Press and Journal Edited Out – #pressbias

  1. Don’t forget the objection from Cults, Milltimber and Culter Community Council as this is an important adjoining area. Especially since Mr Milne lives there.

  2. I’m broadly sympathetic to the football club’s need for a new stadium although I can’t help feeling the urgency has been carefully contrived over a number of years. The fans certainly deserve a new facility. They’ve not had a lot to shout about under this regime. But you have to balance this against the needs of the city as whole as it tries to emerge from a dependency on oil for prosperity. Aberdeen city will need to attract new industries, institutions and events in future. For these it will be in competition with Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow, maybe Perth and Inverness too. They can’t be expected to stand aside for the greater good of the North-east. Creating a new traffic chaos on a such a regular basis is bound to place Aberdeen at a competitive disadvantage when these folks come to assess locations. The central belt press will not be slow to highlight Aberdeen’s traffic misery, even if it’s the pot calling the kettle black.
    I think part of the problem is the chairman himself. He doesn’t come across as the most charismatic of blokes. Maybe if he was more inclined to charm than threats this would have been settled long ago. His latest efforts to bypass the planning process with public pressure can hardly have endeared him to the council on which he’s relying for approval.
    So where should a new stadium go? Clearly nobody wants a football stadium in their backyard. It’s the neighbour from hell with the traffic and the noise and the disruption claiming almost half the weekends in the year and some of the evenings. There might just be a solution if the various parties really do have the interests of the North-east at heart. There’s an early stage proposal to provide a rail spur to Dyce aiport and the new AECC. I think the council still owns a lot of the land out that way. Finding a way to incorporate a new stadium in this project and providing a rail link to it would go a long way to resolving the road traffic issues associated with moving a lot of people in a short space of time.
    BTW, in case you’re wondering why the Press & Journal appear so unquestioningly in favour of this proposal. You need to look at the ownership of both the P&J and its sister paper the Evening Express. Both titles are owned by Dundee based DC Thomson. It’s not widely known that both papers are published and printed in Dundee every day and transported by road for selling in Aberdeen. There is no printing at the Lang Stracht or anywhere else in Aberdeen for these papers. So why should that cause them to support the stadium at Kingsford? Anything that disadvantages the city of Aberdeen might result in a windfall to the city of Dundee.

  3. Every single day at the moment there is pro-Kingsford support from the EE and P&J – weddings today (23.08) and how Kingsford can be used for wonderful wedding events. It’s not a case of these papers simply being printed in Dundee – it’s contrived reporting that the rest of us can see through, hugely transparent reporting. Several reporters (including C.Allan former EE) have used their own columns to give support to AFC.
    To date – the EE, P&J – have not looked at any of the Kingsford plan(s) with any sort of critical eyes or questions. It’s been pure marketing from the start. I have no idea why P&J don’t just make George Yule its guest editor.
    Yes, the EE is not The Herald, or the Times or the Scotsman. It is what it is. And it’s nothing but a local, downmarket talking shop for Kingsford.

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