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The decision on AFC’s Kingsford Stadium application is not a popularity contest as AFC would have the public believe.   It is clear that the club now fear that planning permission will be denied them by Aberdeen City Council and are launching a last minute attempt to place pressure on the local authority.

Aberdeen City Councillors have heard Stewart Milne’s claims of dire consequences for the club, should they not move, many times over the last 17 years.   It can hardly be said that the club are currently in difficulty: they have no debt, had access to European football and achieved a second place league finish. Yet, if Stewart Milne’s statements, at the Bellfield and Loirston hearings, are to be believed the club would have crumbled.  Supporters need to remember that it is the AFC Board that have failed to invest in Pittodrie.  It is the board that withdrew from the Loirston site for which they had planning permission. Kings Links, adjacent to the club’s historic home, continues to be a viable site, in the heart of the city.

A few former players and managers endorsing the project do nothing to change planning law. Nearly 5000 people, Aberdeenshire Council and local MPs and MSPs have stated they are against the club building on this site.

AFC have failed to provide valid material considerations to justify building at Kingsford.  This stadium application is contrary to local and national planning policy and Aberdeen City Council must refuse the application.

  Watch out for some new articles this week by NKS on why the claims by AFC that they are doomed should the proposal be rejected by ACC are nothing but scaremongering and an attempt to pressurise the councillors.  ]]>


  1. Heard Mr Milne on BBC Scotland today. Apparently if Kingsford doesn’t get the go ahead Aberdeen FC will have to play any future European games in Edinburgh or Glasgow. What a lot of nonsense.
    Will the councillors who will decide on the application really be influenced by more propaganda ?

  2. No, no no! Never should AFC stadium be built in Kingsford. The application is illegal – brakes all the planning rules and more important the residents do not want it there. It will totally ruin the area and completely destroy the nature of the small and very communal place to live! AFC and there heideens like Stewarty Milne are promoting a load of propaganda. They should be building the new one on the site where it already is down the beach. I live in city-centre aberdeen and do not want this to happen at Kingsford. AFC have tried to railroaded this through and I hope they will come to a shuddering halt!!!

  3. I have also been campaigning against this stadium plans on my blog
    This plan was the brain child of Milne from day one, he did a deal with a large share holder that at the time had zero interest in the football side of things.
    Milne also built the richard donald stand on very dodgy foundations but hes the chair so who is going to ask for him to correct his mistakes?
    One thing that gets me that very few have so far remembered is what happens when weather gets bad, how do the non-drivers get home again to the city if it all of a sudden it starts to snow heavly during a severe snow event, just a crazy place to site a new stadia, no new large stadia has ever been built without direct links anywhere in Europe!
    If the council backs it, then follow the money?

  4. Yes, many of us know the rumours about the Dick Donald stand. Aberdeen weren’t the first club that interested Aberdeen FC’s current chairman ( only rumours of course) Maybe it’s just coincidence but some of the most vocal support for the proposed stadium comes from (very) local plant hire operators.
    Can anyone imagine what will happen If Aberdeen and visiting fans are walking to Kingswells in semi darkness in winter or evenings if one set of fans is upset with the result? This whole exercise is just daft.

    1. Good morning. This is about local planning and the attitude of Aberdeen City Council. If granted this is the most blatent abuse of power at the council. Nothing to do with football – the multi-millionare Stewart Milne and the rest of the board of AFC can dig a lot more in their pockets and build a new stadium on the ground at Pittodrie – where it should be. Illegal and fully distainful of planning laws. The people of West Aberdeen are up in arms about this and must not happen, it will ruin the area and cause major concerns to residents.

    2. good morning the local authority sets out rules and regulations regarding planning applications , so why does aberdeen football club go blatantly and illegaly try to force the council to attempt to break all the planning rules . no building on greenbelt sites ,thats the legal position . and so it should be . if this goes ahead and afc win , the council will be challenged by the courts , for breaking its own rules . there are plenty of space at pittodrie to develop what they want , and let the residents at kingsford and surrounding areas , to be able to enjoy there lovely small town ,

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