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Still don’t believe the hype…..

Don’t believe the hype – in this article we highlighted the fact that this development was for a football stadium – not a community stadium. Some people seem to be under the impression that this stadium will bring great benefit for the local community.  We have seen supporting comments such as “this will be a great facility for the local kids’ and  “the wider community will clearly also benefit from having such high class facilities” and “the proposed facilities will provide much needed amenities to assist a wide range of sports and health initiatives to benefit all”. The Strategic Development Planning Authority (a joint Aberdeen City / Aberdeenshire body created to present a strategic overview of development in the North-East) said in response to the initial planning application….

It would appear that the proposal is for a football stadium rather than a community stadium as envisaged at the time of the preparation of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) (and previous structure plan) which identified potential stadium locations (SDP para 3.24) as a component of a broader mixed community.  While it is recognised that there will be community access to some of the football facilities, the uses proposed are not integrated in a sustainable fashion into the community given the scale of the development and its proximity to established or planned developments.”
…it would be natural to assume that in the updated planning application AFC would seize the opportunity to enhance the community facilities on offer.    But they didn’t.  Are we surprised?  No. From the outset it has been quite clear that this is a football stadium first and foremost.  So the fact that AFC are still applying for “Proposed Community and Sports Facilities “, when there is no sport other than football proposed, is disingenuous. Don’t believe the hype – there is nothing in this for the local community, except for the costs to the community in terms of disruption, traffic, noise, parking issues, issues of safety and the erosion of the last piece of greenbelt land between Westhill and Kingswells.
You can join our campaign on Thursday, August 31st at the Holiday Inn, Westhill to find out more about our work to date, to ask questions and to find out how you can support the campaign going forward.  ]]>

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