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URGENT: We Need Your Support: Pre-determination meeting and fundraising launch for No Kingsford Stadium’s Legal Preparations

PRE-DETERMINATION HEARING and NKS PUBLIC MEETING The date for the Pre-determination hearing for the Kingsford Stadium application has been announced as Wednesday 13th September at 9.30am in Aberdeen Town House. If you want to stop this development please add this date to your diary and join us.  We can make sure that Aberdeen City Councillors know that the communities of Kingswells and Westhill along with many others do not want this development. On Thursday 31st August at 7.00pm, we will be holding a campaign update event at the Holiday Inn, Westhill.  At this event, we will provide a wide-ranging campaign update and share details of how we plan to take the campaign forward. These key dates will be in a flyer that we will be delivering to every home in the area over the next few weeks.


Now is a critical time for our campaign to stop the building of a football stadium at Westhill by Aberdeen Football Club.  Our campaign has been successful in highlighting the many concerns of local people to our politicians, planners, Aberdeenshire Council and many others.  Our core group of volunteers has worked tirelessly over the last 14 months and our campaign has thousands of supporters from the local community and much wider. Together, we have used your generous donations to secure expert advice on planning, environmental, transport and legal aspects of AFC’s planning application.  Our work has seen an unprecedented number of objections lodged against this application, the most objections to any planning application at Aberdeen City Council. But we still have much to do to continue to campaign to protect the green belt, our local area, our road network and our way of life. We have formed a limited company, No Kingsford Stadium Limited, to take on this fight for all of us.  Our company, limited by guarantee, will take forward the case against this application through the Scottish legal system, in the highly unlikely event that Aberdeen City Council approves the application. The application by AFC breaches local and national planning guidance: it does not comply with green belt policy, it proposes an unsustainable approach to transport and is a significant departure from the local development plan. Preparations with our legal team are underway but we need your support to obtain further legal advice and, crucially, formal legal opinion, in readiness.  We are launching a campaign to raise an initial £5,000 to support work on our legal case. There is a recent case in Scotland where a campaign group, very similar to ours, won a court ruling to prevent a development.   So please do not consider this as a ‘done deal’.  It is far from it. We know we have asked for money before – but AFC are determined to pursue this application, while we are equally determined to stand up for the many people opposed to this development.  We are fighting against an organisation with deep pockets and we can’t do it alone.  We need the help of everyone who is against this development. We have achieved a great deal already and, with your support, we will be able to stop this development. All donations are anonymous and we will never disclose your information.

How you can donate.

Via Bank Transfer:

Account Name: No Kingsford Stadium

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland, Westhill

Account Number:  00224638

Sort Code:  83-28-40

Via Cheque:

Payable to No Kingsford Stadium and sent to No Kingsford Stadium Limited, Westhill Business Centre, Endeavour Dr, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill AB32 6UF

Online Via Paypal

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2 thoughts on “URGENT: We Need Your Support: Pre-determination meeting and fundraising launch for No Kingsford Stadium’s Legal Preparations

  1. Although I no longer live in Westhill I am totally against this development.
    Enough of Aberdeens green belt has been swallowed up.
    AFC ‘s home is Pittodrie, it serves the football fans well, we dont need a huge stadium, Pittodrie is rarely filled to capacity as it is!

  2. Well said. The reason AFC are looking for a new home else where, is because over the years they have failed to take advantage of the areas of land surrounding the current stadium, when they came on the market. Where every adjoining piece of land has been available to be purchased to increase their land available, for all that they are planning else where. All of the surrounding land, originally industrial use and now used for new housing came available within months of each other, along with the gas works. All could have been used to extend the area required for turning the pitch and utilising the new purchased land for training facilities and even an underground car park.

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