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CIty and Shire SDPA slams AFC's Kingsford Stadium Plans

here). In May, Aberdeen Football Club submitted a considerable volume of documentation designed to mitigate the concerns raised by the SDPA. In June, the SDPA produced a new report with their response to the mitigation, which raised further questions based on the new information. (You can read the report here – page 167). Extracts from the report are detailed verbatim below:

Site Selection

“The attempt at justifying the absolute necessity of co-location of the stadium with the training pitches and academy are particularly weak, based on assertions rather than justification and based in some cases on information a decade old. We are unaware of an up-to-date viability appraisal of the project.”

Economic Growth

“No attempt has been made in the economic impact assessment to assess the impact of relocating the stadium away from a regeneration priority area as would be required in line with draft Scottish Government advice on assessing net economic benefit.”

AFC Community Trust

“If the Community Trust are trying to target the city’s most disadvantaged young people, the evidence presented in the economic impact assessment suggests it would be difficult to propose a less suitable location.”

Transport Policy

“No attempt has been made to justify 4,500 fans using shuttle buses. It must be reasonable to expect that a proportion of these would resort to accessing the site by car. Fundamentally the site does not contribute to reducing the need to travel by car or encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport by making these attractive choices, as required by the SDP.” It concluded with the words
“The applicant has provided additional information and amended the application in some respects following its original submission. However, the revised information does not address in a satisfactory way any of the issues raised in the SDPA’s original submission. As a consequence the original submission continues to be the position of the SDPA, supplemented by this response”
So clearly, AFC have failed to satisfactorily answer any of the concerns raised by the SDPA in their initial report. AFC have failed to answer the difficult questions about planning, transport and the economy because they are unable to provide valid answers for the community and city planners. This is the wrong development in the wrong location and we are confident that ACC will apply local and national planning policy to deny this application.]]>

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