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New Opportunity for Objectors to Comment Further

Dear ‘No Kingsford Stadium’ Supporter, You may be aware that Aberdeen Football club has recently submitted a series of documents to support their application – these documents are in response to the numerous concerns raised by, amongst others, Aberdeen Council Roads Department, Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen Council Economic Department and the Joint Aberdeen and Shire Strategic Planning Authority. In these new documents AFC are trying to convince the council and the general public that this development is in a suitable location, will benefit the local economy and will be supported by a sustainable transport strategy. No Kinsgford Stadium are compiling a further objection document, as we believe that fundamentally this application breaches planning policy, will be detrimental to the local community and to the environment, and that the proposed transport strategy is unworkable. The closing date for submission of objections is Monday 26 June.   We would like to ask you, as a NKS supporter, to submit a further objection of your own, to demonstrate further, to ACC, the strength of feeling in the community – which is that we are against this development. You can send your comments by email to You can of course use your own words, but if you wish you can copy and paste some of these key considerations:

  • The proposed site is within Green Belt land, and does not comply with Green Belt policy.
  • The applicant has failed to demonstrate that there was no other suitable site for the development because they continue to be fixated on having their training ground adjacent to the stadium.
  • The transport strategy is based upon a fan survey where although 17,906 people were asked, only 5,021 (just 28%) responded. (Indeed, this response level is only marginally higher than the 25% which DST conducted a year ago.) The survey failed to ask the question ‘how do you intend to travel to Kinsgford’.  Surely this is the fundamental question that should have been asked.
  • The revised transport strategy fails to address the fundamental problem that the location is totally inappropriate.  The strategy is entirely based on the premise that 1,000s of fans will travel to the match by bus.  Unrealistic estimates continue to be used – all bus journeys are estimated using full capacity and all car journeys are estimated using 2.9 persons per car.  The effect of these and other flawed assumptions make their transport strategy undeliverable.
  • The hundreds of additional diesel-powered bus journeys will spew out some 8-14 tonnes of CO2 into the local atmosphere, at least every fortnight. (Source
  • There is no transport strategy for ‘other events’ which are now included in their documentation e.g. rugby and football internationals.
  • There is no detail on how a Controlled Parking Zone would work in either Westhill or Kingswells.
  • The applicant has introduced an outdoor Fanzone into the application, an area for fans to congregate for up to 3 hours before and after the match.  They have indicated that there will be live music, DJ’s and big screens.  This has not been assessed within the noise assessment.
  • Road safety continues to be ignored as the strategy generally assumes that people will not walk alongside the A944 from Kinsgwells.   This is less than a 25 minute walk.
  • The transport strategy allows for away fans parking at Kingswells Park and Ride.  For busy matches, this will undoubtedly give rise to fans walking unsegregated along the A944.  With a narrow pavement alongside a dual carriageway, and AWPR crossings that are not set up to handle high volumes of pedestrians, this is unsafe for fans never mind the police attempting to manage this either before or after a match.

Please submit a comment by 1700 on the 26TH June. We need to make our voices heard loud and clear to Aberdeen City Council –




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