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Relentless noise and disruption as AFC plan Fanzone and regular events at proposed stadium

  • Temporary stage set-up with an external power source
  • Flexible seating
  • Large screens to show live events
  • Temporary stalls that will be set up on a match days.
  • The club even state the ‘potential uses could see live music or DJ’s or Community music projects, with the potential for live acts for every game.’ This is accompanied with a photo of an outdoor concert.  With this type of large scale outdoor event taking place, what will the noise level be and how far will the noise travel across the area? [caption id="attachment_2839" align="aligncenter" width="588"] Example Fanzone[/caption] AFC have continually emphasised in documentation and at their consultation events that all noise will be contained within the enclosed stadium. This new proposal is a major deviation to the club’s previous message.  AFC has submitted an amendment to their Noise Impact Assesment titled ‘Addendum Noise Impact Assessment’, however they neglected to assess any noise produced from this outdoor venue.  So to answer the question of how much noise and how far?  It is an unknown, as the impact has not been assessed by AFC. It is not only residents that are concerned with the noise level produced at football matches by fans and PA systems.  In fact AFC themselves were the only objector to a proposed housing development on a site near Pittodrie in 2002. The Club objected on the basis that the development ‘would create a conflict over noise nuisance between the club and residents in the housing scheme.’  Letters from Paul and Williamson, AFC’s lawyers, states
    ‘On match days, householders would be subjected to an unacceptable level of noise during matches itself, from crowds arriving and departing and from the PA system.’
    The letter goes on to state
    ‘Many people regard the evenings and weekend when matches are played as a time for relaxation. Significant noise at this time could be regarded as particularly intrusive and annoying.  The noise from the stadium is not constant and anonymous like much traffic noise.  It is intermittent and irregular.  It comes in surges and is likely to be more disturbing than constant noise.’
    However, this nuisance has been dismissed by the club at their proposed new site, and they have even added more nuisance noise in the form of a live music / DJ outdoor venue. [caption id="attachment_2842" align="aligncenter" width="468"] Fanzone active for hours before and after games leading to noise and disturbance across the area[/caption] Read more on this objection by AFC at AFC have also danced around the subject of hosting other events, not just ‘the odd football match every other week’.  This has all become clear in their new documentation submitted, in particular the ‘Supporting Statement’ which states ‘With the ability to host international matches, European matches, rugby events and private functions’.  So, it would appear that their original argument that ‘its only a match every other week’ is no longer valid.  Further to this, they have failed to include any provision for these additional events in their transport strategy. The Fanzone is clearly planned to bring fans to the stadium early in an attempt to try to reduce the inevitable congestion on the roads – however, given that the North East of Scotland is not renowned for its’ balmy climate, we would question the likelhood of many fans wanting to stand outside in the cold and rain a couple of hours before the match on a wet and windy evening in February, or indeed any month in the football season. [caption id="attachment_2843" align="aligncenter" width="484"] Westhill has a significantly different weather profile than Pittodrie[/caption] It remains that the level of disruption to our local environment and community is at an unacceptable level and the new documents that have been submitted raise further serious concerns against this proposal.  ]]>

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    1. Further to the traffic chaos that could be expected from the planned stadium would cause the westhill we should consider the traffic parking that a minor event that the recient annual westhill gala caused to the residents of westhill with cars lining the centre of westhill. While this was for only a couple of hours it could be the future we might expect it the stadium plans go ahead.

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