2 thoughts on “Funding update: How we've used your donations and next steps.

  1. Was in the Costco, Tesco and Westhill shopping centre car parks on Saturday afternoon. All were ~90% full.
    I ‘ve been at enough football games to know that football fans will park their cars wherever they can and worry about any consequences afterwards. Not good news for anyone wishing to do any shopping on Saturday afternoons in Westhill.
    Not only will be the available car parks occupied, the whole of Westhill will be used by fans for parking.Even the furthest away part of Westhill could be used as it will be safer and closer for football fans than Kingswells P&R. Using the cycle path will be extremely dangerous and not pleasant in bad weather.

  2. I don’t know quite how many buses they are talking about, but 4 times sounds like 500 or so? Could I point out that the whole Aberdeen bus operation of First Bus uses only just over 200 buses. If an international match occurred on a December Saturday, then 20,000 tickets sold and the park and rides full of shoppers’ cars where will the punters park and where will they find the buses and, more importantly, 500 bus drivers with PSV driving licences? AND where will they park the buses during the match? UNBELIEVEABLE

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