2 thoughts on “Where are we right now?

  1. AFC’s update
    “1,375 (10%) supporters currently walking to Pittodrie from the railway station can continue to use the railway station and the city centre then catch a shuttle bus to and from Kingsford, resulting in no reduction in people using the city centre. ”
    Or they can walk from the Railway Station through to the bus station (120m) and jump on x17/x18 bypassing the city centre?

  2. Have any of the traffic assessments for flows along the A944 been carried out on Saturday/Sunday afternoons and evenings or after 1700hrs on weekdays?
    Having used this road frequently after 1700 hrs weekdays and Saturday afternoons I have witnessed signicant traffic problems.
    Queues back to the crematorium from the Kingswells roundabout and queues back to Westhill again from the Kingswells roundabout. There is no mention of this in any traffic assessments.
    It looks as if these assessments are purely theoretical without relevant traffic observations being done by the writers of the reports.

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