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AFC told to go back to the drawing board on deficient and undeliverable Transport Assessment

heir 14 page report raises multiple concerns about the Transport Assessment submitted by AFC.  The report calls for some key questions to be answered in regard to almost every aspect of the Transport Assessment (TA).  We have selected just some of them to demonstrate the level of concerns raised –

  • The methodology by which the survey to determine the modes of travel to the stadium has been questioned in regard to its objectivity and impartiality
  • Three people per car is not considered appropriate within the TA ‘to achieve such an unusually high level of car sharing compared to the national average of 1.7 – 1.8 persons per car’ is questioned
  • The assumption that 100% of away supporters at every match will arrive by coach is questioned
  • The Roads department have requested a detailed assessment of the pedestrian provision as it is likely to be much higher than detailed in the TA
  • Concerns are expressed regarding the safety of large volumes of pedestrians crossing the A944 before and after events. This includes concerns that pedestrians will attempt to cross the A944 out with the crossing point.
  • Further information is requested in relation to how cyclists would safely access the stadium from all directions
  • There is an insufficient public transport plan – a full plan is requested at planning stage. A full plan is needed to identity the measures to make these services attractive for supporters and to avoid excessive waiting times, particularly at the end of matches.
[caption id="attachment_2740" align="aligncenter" width="650"] No buses for AFC – Aberdeen City Council say the public transport plan is insufficient.[/caption]
  • Concerns are expressed regarding almost every bus being shown to be 100% full including standing passengers before and after a game
  • The suggestion that only 500 supporters will travel by shuttle bus from the city centre is considered inadequate, and a re-analysis in this regard is requested
  • The 1,600 spaces proposed in the TA is 267 spaces in excess of maximum parking standards – it is inappropriate to try to justify the increase in provision by making comparisons with other developments
  • The TA fails to provide a breakdown of the average number of hospitality guests and the resultant impact on parking
  • The 600 proposed spaces in Arnhall Business Park is outwith the boundary for the proposal, and therefore any agreement with businesses is not enforceable within the planning system. The medium to long term availability of these spaces is insecure and would not normally be allowed in terms of transport planning guidance.
  • Confirmation would be needed that these spaces would be available for evening kick-offs when the car parks could still be in use by staff from the businesses during their normal hours of operation
  • It is requested that the controlled parking zone (CPZ) within Westhill is extended to a 30 minute walking proximity, increased from the proposed 1,600m
[caption id="attachment_1861" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Just as NKS said – Aberdeen City Council request the Controlled Parking Zone be extended for 30 minutes walking time. This makes the whole of Westhill a no parking zone on match days.[/caption]
  • Additional CPZ requirements – monitoring of parking at Kingswells is requested with parking controls implemented as necessary at the cost of the applicant
  • Information is requested as to how the CPZ would be enforced during match days
  • Information is requested as to how supporters would get to the stadium from the Park and Rides at Kingswells and Dyce
  • The impact of vehicles attempting to park at the Kingswells Park and Ride but not getting a space has not been taken into account and information is requested on this
  • The TA contradicts AFC’s stated claim of a ‘match day experience’ by encouraging fans to remain at the stadium after a match by stating that all “special bus services” will have left the stadium within 18 minutes. How will those wishing to remain longer be accommodated?
  • Many questions are asked re the practicalities and safety implications of the 3 access roads into the stadium
  • There is a request for traffic modelling at the 3 site junctions
[caption id="attachment_2741" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Aberdeen City Council have expressed concerns about the level of queuing on the AWPR.[/caption]
  • Concerns are raised regarding the queues predicted between the A944 and the AWPR
  • There is a request that traffic flows are re-modelled
  • Traffic surveys were done when there were road diversions in place – traffic surveys are requested to be re-done
  • A travel plan must be provided to identity the measures that AFC could adopt to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport
It has to be questioned why such an inadequate Transport Assessment was deemed appropriate to be submitted by AFC and how seriously they are taking this aspect of relocation outwith the city centre. The Transport Assessment is lacking in basic information, makes many assumptions which have been questioned, and provides insufficient information in almost every area.  The Roads Department report is not simply requesting some tweaks to the model – it calls for a fundamental reworking with a significant amount of work to be undertaken.  This includes junction modelling, traffic surveys, a traffic plan, qualifying assumptions, and to provide the methodology for a fan survey to establish whether it was objective and impartial given that they used this survey to base their anticipated travel demands. Back to the drawing board AFC. You can read the full report here]]>

One thought on “AFC told to go back to the drawing board on deficient and undeliverable Transport Assessment

  1. Great news in the interim. It’s a first step towards AFC recognising that Kingsford is not their answer!

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