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TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Reminder to send your objection to stadium plans

CLICK here to lodge an objection online (remember you MUST include a material planning consideration from those below) or download our template letter on our website: or fill out the form that we posted through your door and put in the pre paid envelope and pop in the post. No need for a stamp. You can of course write your own letter or email and send it to: Head of Planning and sustainable Development Planning and sustainable development, Aberdeen City Council Marischal College Broad Street Aberdeen AB10 1AB Quoting planning application ref 170021 Remember to include material planning considerations – your objection will carry no weight without it. These are-

  • Building on Greenbelt land.
  • Not in the Local Development Plan.
  • No evidence of site selection highlighting this site as a preferred option (the 2 options identified in the LDP are Loirston and Kings Links).
  • Not in keeping with the surrounding area.
  • Planning history – 2 smaller scale developments (driving range and housing) have previously been rejected for the above reasons.
  • Provisions for sustainable access and travel; Contrary to the Aberdeen City Council local transport strategy.
  • Environmental impact (pollution/ contamination).
  • Impact on nature conservation.
  • Site sustainability (flooding / contamination).
  • Nuisances caused by the development (noise, smell, fumes, floodlight glare)
  • Adverse safety impact.
  • Creation of a dangerous precedent.
**Anyone from anywhere can object, and each member of the household can lodge a separate objection. However you must remember to include your name and POSTCODE**]]>

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