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Proposed AFC stadium will dominate local area

The Design Access Statement (page 41) for the stadium states: “The roof of the Stadium has been raised from 6 degrees to 11 degrees to a height of 21 metres from the pitch to the underside of the roof cladding.” Typically, a storey is taken as 3m in a building – this means that the stadium will, in fact be OVER seven storeys in height.   The large Tesco store in Westhill sits in the Arnhall Business Park. This Tesco is a large building and can be seen from many points in Westhill.  The Tesco building is 8.95 metres high! Costco sits further back in the business park and this is also a pretty big building – The Costco building is 10.05 meters high! AFC say this building will not dominate the local area…it will be more than twice the height of some of the largest buildings in the area. How can this not be seen as an oppressive and domineering presence on the landscape? And it’s red and will be lit at night! We need your support, please consider donating (use the button below) or volunteering (contact: info@nokingsfordstadium.org.uk). You can object NOW online – click here to object



One thought on “Proposed AFC stadium will dominate local area

  1. A good time to get Green politicians involved. More than enough material for them to work with here.
    They carry a lot of clout in Holyrood.
    No Green politician would ever back this application.

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