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OBJECT NOW: Everyone should have their packs – get in touch if you don't.

Everyone In Westhill, Skene and Kingswells should have their objection packs by now – if not , message us if you’d like one, or download from our website

Thanks to all our volunteers for delivering them in snow, rain and fog.  Your efforts are most appreciated.

We’d like to share a story one of our volunteers told us

 Two senior ladies ( on a nameless Westhill street ) were at the door waiting on ‘their forms’, thought perhaps  they were not going to get a pack. One collared me, ‘Here son!! here’s a wee packet of mentos, to keep you going’ Noo, I used to work at Pittodrie , but they fired me because I couldn’t get to work during heavy snow in Westhill, can  you believe that, so gie me that form, & I’ll show them!

The fact that AFC sacked a Westhill resident due to the inclement weather we get out here at 122 meters above the height of Pittodrie (Westhill being 134m above sea level, Pittodrie 12m ) is ironic.  As we know there’s often not a flake of snow in Aberdeen, you pass the Kingswells roundabout and the fields are white.  Something the fans will no doubt love when standing in the cold on a Tuesday night in January at 9.45pm In a queue waiting for the shuttle bus to get though the football traffic to pick them up.

 Wrap up warm boys…


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