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AFC PR Company object to our use of images to show the devastating impact of stadium

web site post showing the devastating impact of the proposed AFC Kingsford Stadium on local homes has been seen by over 35,000 people on social media and nearly 17,000 people have viewed this post on our web site. The post has had such an impact that we’ve now received a “take down” request from AFC’s PR Company, the Big Partnership. This very polite email (shown below) requests that we take down the images because we are not the copyright holder – this is true, we are not – however, we believe that the public interest in this development proposal is the key factor in making this information available. We’ve asked if they have issued “take down” notices to all the fan forums, websites, press and social media accounts that have used these and similar images in support of the Kingsford proposals. Our community-based campaign is fighting to protect our local area. We’ve been out distributing 7000 objection packs and the response from people of the streets of Westhill and Kingswells has been wonderful – we are truly grateful for all the support. If, in the end, and following further legal advice from our own team, we have to take down this post – then so be it but in the meantime – we are sharing it with you again –

Before and After: See the devastating impact of AFC Kingsford Stadium on local homes

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8 thoughts on “AFC PR Company object to our use of images to show the devastating impact of stadium

  1. Looks like AFC are rattled. If their proposal is so wonderful why are they objecting to the general public seeing this?
    They be better off looking for somewhere else to build their stadium.

    1. Any images submitted with the planning application, by definition are in the public domain. If AFC still object, just link to the specific pages on the planning web site.

  2. The new housing development at Counteswells will put the residents of 3,000 homes into the equation.
    Anyone wishing to visit Aberdeen or Westhill (closest shopping) on a match day will be competing with thousands of football fans to get to their destination.
    Even without the football fans, the A944 will be blocked with traffic.

  3. I agree with Chris Gray wrong place to build this new football stadium ,Aberdeen football club should be looking into developing old pittodrie as its central to the whole region ,and it would still be our home . Directors have buried their heads in the sand just wanting the big pay out when the dust has settled .

  4. Aberdeen FC are a very successful football club which will mean that matchdays are not only Saturdays ( depending on the competition ) but could be either:- midday, afternoon or early evening on Saturdays and Sundays and any evening of the week depending on what the TV broadcaster wants. So we will frequently see light pollution from the stadium ( reserve fixtures are also played in the evening so the light pollution will be the same although attendances will be less )
    During evening games for the first team several thousand drivers will be looking for parking.
    1. Not too many drivers will pay several pounds to park their cars in the football club car park when Westhill is only a few hundred meters away.
    2. Not too many drivers will use Kingswells for parking for the same reason.
    From personal experience at football games, drivers will park anywhere they can in Westhill, morning noon and night despite what Aberdeen FC or the Police/ Council officials say, How can they do anything about several thousand cars parked in the Westhill streets?
    The same applies for any concerts only everything will be worse as they will also have to deal with the noise and more visitors than those that attend the football and for longer in the evening.
    I hope those making decisions about the application take this into account.

  5. Aberdeen council are promoting cycling throughout Aberdeen. The busy cycle route alongside the A944 will be unusable on matchdays due to the nbamount of pedestrians on the path.

  6. Ian Johnson is absolutely correct. Section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act specifically states that copyright of materials submitted in connection with a planning application is not infringed by anyone reproducing said materials to help facilitate any purpose relating to the planning application. Assuming the materials in question were indeed part of the original planning application documentation, I suggest you reply to the email by referring them to section 47 of the Act, and to politely tell them to take a running jump.

    1. Now there are proposals to expand Prime Four. The effect on traffic flow will be horrendous even without a football stadium.
      With a football stadium???

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