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No Kingsford Stadium gains support from more MSP backers

The campaign group fighting Aberdeen Football Club’s planning application to build a new stadium to the west of the city, No Kingsford Stadium, has today learned of MSP Liam Kerr’s objection to the application, supported by MSP Alexander Burnett. In a letter to No Kingsford Stadium, Regional MSP Mr Kerr highlighted his concerns stating his principle reasons for objection being,

“the potential erosion of Greenbelt land between Kingswells & Westhill.”
He notes the extreme proximity of the 20,000 seater stadium to Westhill, bringing additional traffic congestion to an already busy area, as well as major parking issues in the Westhill town centre. Mr Kerr also draws attention to Planning Policy formulated by Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen council where the 2008 Strategic Development Plan, states that both Loirston and Kings Links are the only suitable sites. Alistair Mckelvie, spokesperson for the No Kingsford Stadium Group said:
“This is the second and third MSP who have publicly spoken out against AFC’s planning application. Ultimately, the land in question is green belt land and to build on it goes against decisions made by Aberdeen City Council. We are strongly opposed to any development of the green belt land between Kingswells and Westhill. “Every voice that has a concern about this development needs to make sure they are heard, by submitting an objection to the planning application before the deadline of Friday 17th February.”
——- ENDS ——– Issued by Elaine Fleming, Ginger PR Ltd On behalf of No Kingsford Stadium For more information please call 07766 207 954 or email
MSP Liam Kerr’s Letter in full Thank you for contacting me over the proposed new Aberdeen Football Club at Kingsford and for the additional information below. My apologies for any perceived delay – you’ll appreciate that in framing my response, I have taken the time to consider all sides of this debate and wish to strike the appropriate balance between various legitimate and understandable interests before committing. Although this is decision to be made by Aberdeen City Council and will not come before Holyrood, I am following the application process very closely. Aberdeen Football Club have now formally submitted planning permission for the site and this will be considered by the council after a series of public consultations and environmental health assessments. It is my understanding that this process would allow the Football Club to begin work on the stadium in 2018. As a regional MSP for the North East of Scotland I am fully supportive of investment in the region and we are in need of new construction projects. I also value the contribution that Aberdeen FC makes to the North East, on a number of levels. However, I cannot support the stadium being built at Kingsford. The principal reasons being that the location of the stadium will only be 350 meters from Westhill, in an area previously reserved as essential green belt land. My view is that traffic is a major issue in the area already, and a 20,000-seater stadium with parking for less than a quarter of this number, will do nothing to alleviate this problem. In contrast to this, Loirston and Kings Links sites were before approved by the council in 2008 as feasible development land.  The strategic plan formulated by Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen Council also states that only Kings Links and Loirston are suitable for development. Therefore as the already slim green belt separating Westhill and Kingswells is under pressure, we must look to protect these spaces. I am also mindful of the representations of local people and the potential impact on residents of Westhill. So in summary, despite my strong support for Aberdeen FC to continue to improve and deliver for the North East, I do not support the proposal as it currently stands, for AFC to locate at Kingsford. Kind regards, Liam Kerr MSP Scottish Conservative and Unionist North-East Scotland Region Parliamentary Office – 0131 348 6973 Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh EH99 1SP]]>

One thought on “No Kingsford Stadium gains support from more MSP backers

  1. The speed limit on another section of the A944 is being reduced to 40mph due to the amount of traffic.How on earth can anyone consider building a football stadium on this road?
    Looks like Aberdeen councillors will have to throw the application out.

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