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Before and After: See the devastating impact of AFC Kingsford Stadium on local homes

Note: This post has been replaced with lego images of the approximate shape and size of the stadium after threats of legal action by AFC over image copyright.

What if someone decided to build a large building in front of your home?  You’ve lived in the protected green belt for many years, chosen to move to the countryside and raise your family there. Then AFC, against every single strand of planning guidance, decide to apply to build in front of your home; a move that would destroy the rural outlook you have enjoyed to this point. And although they live beside a busy road, these residents would never have chosen to live in the shadow of a football stadium.   Shown below are the images of what neighbours to the Kingsford Stadium site will be forced to endure if the stadium and facilities are built. 


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View from home 1

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View from home 2

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View from home 4

The Aberdeen City Local Development Plan sets out to protect the Green Belt from unplanned and speculative development. The current policy only supports certain limited and specified development proposals and the AFC Kingsford proposals would not fit into any of these categories, even by stretching the imagination! The development is an unsustainable location (development of green belt land resulting in unsustainable transport patterns impacting on congestion and air quality) and would undermine the purpose and function of the greenbelt, particularly by sprawling into important and necessary greenspaces and the buffer between spaces.  Did you know that the A944 corridor, Westhill and Kingswells is an area of the North-East where traffic emissions are getting worse not better! These images show the devastating impact on the local landscape.  The stadium is an alien presence in its context to the detriment of the sense of place and buffer to the urban area. The character of the local area would be transformed from fields to that dominated by a stadium and all that goes along with it if these proposals were to be approved. Object now – you only have until February 17th.  Object online now using this link [twenty20 img1="2477" img2="2474" offset="0.5"] [twenty20 img1="2478" img2="2475" offset="0.5"] [twenty20 img1="2483" img2="2481" offset="0.5"] [twenty20 img1="2484" img2="2482" offset="0.5"] [twenty20 img1="2479" img2="2476" offset="0.5"] [paypal_donation_button]  ]]>

6 thoughts on “Before and After: See the devastating impact of AFC Kingsford Stadium on local homes

  1. Horrific, beyond belief that this would be passed by planners.
    Having said that, the monstrosity being erected in front of Marishal College should never have been allowed. So you never know.

  2. Well now that they have axed the bus service to Kingswells, how are supporters meant to get there on match days. Why move out of Pittodrie anyway?
    None of what the AFC plan to do makes any sense.

  3. I have a horse near where this is going to be built and its worries me slightly! We have already lost loads of ground, beautiful views and some where of road to go with them , soon we will have no nice green space

  4. Outrageous if this gets planning permission on Green belt land, particularly when it is little more than a vanity project by AFC. Pittodrie is more than adequate for the club. There is no reason to scar the landscape with an ugly out of town stadium. If AFC really want a new stadium they should develop a brownfield site. Good luck in your fight to stop this

  5. I don’t agree it’s in the best location, mainly due to the fact a lot of fans like to have a few beers before and after a match, Pittodrie is a good location for this,and its walkable from the train station. There is enough ground near the beach/pittodrie to improve the stadium …. however they won’t consider any other option…as it’s more valuable to Stewart Milne for flats/ residential housing.
    It should be argued that the entire Kingsford location is not appropriate as it’s too far out of town, buses are going to be an additional cost for fans, higher risk of drink drivers, and the cost of a new stadium will also no doubt be added to an already expensive ticket….there is a real danger fans will no longer go to matches.

  6. Community stadium? Who is kidding who? Isn’t Pittodrie a community stadium?
    What has that done for the community?

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