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You  Can Help us Fight This Application

As you can imagine we have been working hard since the application went in to ensure that all the resources we need to object are in place.  With the money that we have raised to date, we are able to fund the professional services of a planning consultant, a PR company and a Transport Consultant.  We have also funded the production of 7,000 objection packs which  will include a freepost envelope.

But we would like to do even more – but we need some more funds.  Specifically, we would like to hire a specialist to look at some environmental aspects of the application and we would like to do some more publicity – for example we can ‘boost ‘ our Facebook posts so that they appear on everyone in a certain area’s Facebook Feed.  These cost money, but are extremely effective at raising awareness.

So we are appealing to all our supporters to help fund this.  We are up against a developer with very deep pockets.  The more money we can raise – the more resources we can use to produce the best possible objection .

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