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The BIG red blot on the landscape….

It is important that when we look at a planning application, that we consider all aspects of it.  One aspect to consider is whether or not a development will have a detrimental impact on the landscape.  If it does, this would be considered as a valid material consideration that the planners must take into account when reviewing any objections.

Scottish Government Planning policy states:

“Development management decisions should take account of potential effects on landscapes, the natural and water environment, including cumulative effects.  Developers should seek to minimise adverse impacts through careful planning and design, considering the services which the natural environment is providing and maximising the potential for enhancement.

Planning permission should be refused where the nature or scale of proposed development would have an unacceptable impact on the natural environment”

So – do the following photographs show an ‘unacceptable impact on the natural environment ‘? 

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="2456,2457,2458,2459"]

Don’t be misled into thinking that this site is landfill as is being touted by AFC and some of their supporters, which conjures visions of a smouldering heap of rubbish.  This area was previously landfill for building waste materials but is now reinstated and is all green fields, used for cattle grazing and silage.

In October 2016 Aberdeen City Council decreed that an area of land   immediately adjacent to the stadium proposal, which had been used to dump building waste, must be reinstated to fields in the interests of protection of the visual amenity and ecological value of this green belt area”.  In other words – put it back into fields because this area is Green Belt and protect the view.

It is a vast open area providing a wide vista of countryside, something that many of us enjoy seeing on our way to Westhill, giving us the feeling that many of us moved here for – of living in the countryside. 

So there is no doubt in our minds that this development will be a total red blot on the landscape.  Going by the pictures, it is hard to see how anyone could think otherwise.

What do you think?  A big red blot on the landscape, or an architectural masterpiece enhancing the landscape and visual amenity of the area?


4 thoughts on “The BIG red blot on the landscape….

  1. Why would you even consider building a monstrosity like this in Westhill … it used to be known as the Garden suburb of Aberdeen which is not true anymore so we don’t need more ugly buildings. Increased noise and traffic congestion are not welcome !

  2. Aberdeen (shire) building and destruction of the natural landscape has been going on, and on, and on. Bypass only will lead to more and more and more (ugly business). Until we pretty much catch up with the rest of the overpopulated urban world. Where can I sign against this latest montrosity? Is there a petition going on?

  3. This certainly will be a big red blot on the beautiful countryside surrounding Westhill. Why are Aberdeen Council hell bent on destroying the beautiful countryside that brings in thousands of tourists every year. They have already made Aberdeen City an eyesore and now they are determined to do the same to the countryside.

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