3 thoughts on “North-East MSP lodges Objection to AFC Kingsford Stadium

  1. I will be sending an objection on a number of issues. However, at this stage I would like to point out: The mitigating factors in the development proposal do not remove the impact or make the impacts negligible to everyone as claimed in the assessment, plus there is a cumulative effect of a great number of impacts – they cannot all be considered in isolation.
    The height of the stadium is not openly publicised. It may be defined somewhere in the literature, but so far I have only found the height of the lights in the practise grounds. What does the height compare to, and can it really be screened by trees (for those lucky enough to have a low vantage point) in an acceptable time period?

  2. If this new stadium went ahead, how will AFC compensate young children who support the team. Are they providing free buses direct to the stadium as according to their presentation in the Westhill inn the transport would only go to Kingswells park & ride so are the children supposed to walk by themselves along the busy dual carriageway. AFC will probably have to increase their prices to cover the cost of this new building so this is another burden on children and parents finding this additional cost.
    They say the stadium will hold 20,000 but what is to stop them increasing the the capacity during the planning application to 50,000, after all that is what they wanted a few years back at Kingswells where AFC were previously planning to build. Big difference in these numbers so is the small number just a figure for the initial application…..
    Why can AFC not use the money to improve its existing site or is it full to capacity every time it is used. If it is full to capacity then why does the club not have to the funds for the new stadium. I will let someone else comment about the environmental issues or the planning where it is because of the pipelines..

  3. THis stadium will change the whole ethos of Westhill and Kingswells and not for the better.Increased road congestion will result in more accidents and more injuries or worse.Illegal parking, too, will place the Westhill community at greater risk, especially our children.Noise and light pollution, night and day, will affect the whole atmosphere of Westhill and even a small percentage of fans misbehaving will result in unacceptable behaviour. If approved this project will be built on green belt land. In the past, Aberdeen City and Shire Councils have refused applications for projects in this area that were minor in scale compared to this stadium. Surely, for the benefit of Aberdeen City and Shire residents this application must be refused.

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