No Kingsford StadiumPlanning Update

Reaction to AFC’s planning application to build a new stadium adjacent to Westhill

A spokesman for No Kingsford Stadium, the campaign opposing plans for the new stadium and training facility, released an initial statement today in response to the application:

“There are a number of major concerns about this planning application

“Were the stadium to be approved, it would fundamentally change the nature and perception of Westhill, Kingswells and the surrounding areas. “The proposed site is on greenbelt land which, according to the Aberdeen Local Development Plan, is not designated for development.  This will be the only greenbelt area between Westhill and Kingswells on the north side of the A944 once the Prime 4 business park is completed. “In the last 12 years, two smaller scale planning applications for developments in this area were both rejected because they were deemed to be out of character with the rural landscape, and the noise, light pollution and increase in traffic would be detrimental to the surrounding residential area. “In addition, the planning application is contrary to the Aberdeen City Council Local Transport Strategy which highlights the need for reducing dependence on car usage and increasing sustainable forms of access for pedestrians and cyclists. 

“Moving the home of AFC over 7 miles to the city border is against the Aberdeen city centre master plan which aims to regenerate the city centre’

“It is for these reasons that we strongly object to this planning application.”

“No Kingsford Stadium group, along with our planning, environmental and transport consultants, will now be fully reviewing the application ahead of submitting our formal objections”

Watch our video about why Aberdeen City Council must vote to deny this application.]]>

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