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Stewart Milne Company Object to Prime Four on grounds that it is against Local Development Plan

Stewart Milne – Aberdeen Football Club Chairman, has lodged an objection against the Prime Four development.  This objection has been submitted by Countesswells Development Limited (CDL) – which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stewart Milne Group. The objection is to the proposal for a major retail development at the Prime Four Business Park. The Prime Four Extension would be relatively close to the Countesswells Development but not as close as the proposed stadium would be to homes in Westhill. Stewart Milne’s CDL subsidiary objection letter states that

‘the proposals are clearly contrary to the development plan, and as a result, planning permission should be refused’.
So, Stewart Milne’s company is objecting to a development which is not part of the Local Development Plan.  This would be the same Local Development Plan that has no mention of a football stadium at Kingsford. Neither the Prime Four Extension nor the Kingsford Stadium development should be granted permission. Both would have a signifiant negative impact on the local area and both would also impact on the city centre – reducing spending and visits to the city centre.

Support our campaign to stop the building of a stadium at Kingsford at Westhill.



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